The stuidity must go on. Who in their right mind designed these grids? You cannot even do the simplest of designs with the block(head) system. Where I come from pictures don’t float around on white space for no reason. Pictures stay about a pica apart. I know. What’s a pica? It’s a small measuring unit. […]

Starting the month with something a little peaceful. I have a suspicion that things are going to get much worse before they get better. So, we start with a peaceful picture. Things are going to get worse at every level. Locally, many of the schools opened today. They are woefully unprepared. There is a very […]

There is no reasoning with a hurricane season. Most of the lower half of the state is getting prepared. Officials say that if we aren’t done by noon we’ll likely be working in the rain. Hurricane Marco will make landfall sometime later today. As it stands, it is barely a Category One hurricane. But, the […]

Chaos. The world around us. Between all of the issues created by the pandemic and a president determined to hold onto power no matter how many laws he breaks, I see us as being lost between the real, unreal and surreal worlds. So. I made this piece of art to illustrate what is in my […]

My eyes. I see things that others might not. I think this is the part of photography that can’t be taught. This is where talent comes into play. It’s not artistic talent. It’s not like being able to paint. Or, play music. That’s talent. Seeing is something else entirely. It’s something given to those of […]

Red. The color of fire and blood, of intensity, passion, desire and love. Maybe that’s it. Maybe so many people are worn out by the five months we’ve been through that there’s no passion. No intensity. Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe it’s time to put on our pants and get to work. That’s what the […]

That Baby Leica. If we could travel it would be a wonderful travel camera. As it is, I’ll have to drive around and pretend to be on a trip. And, speaking of trips, this state is a trip. The governor did what he was expected to do. He made wearing masks mandatory in public places […]

The birth of a nation. That’s what we are celebrating in The United States on this day. It’s a time for flag waving, BBQing, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, lighting fireworks and forgetting what the day is really about. The day is really about my country declaring our independence from the British. Having done that, […]

Even though I have a routine when I publish on Storyteller, there are days when WordPress sets out to defeat me. They did that yesterday. If I’m on some kind of loose schedule, I try to write the next days post very late at night. I was foiled last night. There was a software failure […]