Playing A Little More

Just one more from the second line parade in Central City. A trumpet player at work. Focused on his song. And, yes. As always, I like to work closely. Not much more to say, except to be there and focus on what you are doing. Hardly any post production needed. 


Well. It may be a tuba. But, that’s not the point. The point for me, at least , is the reflection in the brass of the tuba. I saw this at a second line parade in Central City. I’d like to say that I was lucky to see this, but I was very much inContinue reading “Tuba”

I’ll Fly Away

I don’t have a picture that is really appropriate for today — 911. I do want to reflect on the day and what it means, But, I do have this. I photographed a second line parade in Central City, New Orleans. When the parade passed by Lafayette Cemetery No. 2, they broke into an oldContinue reading “I’ll Fly Away”

From the Musical Side.

Yesterday, I posted about a post-Isaac birthday party that I was lucky to attend. I showed you a look at the “subject of honor.” Today, I thought that I would give you a look at a couple of the musicians.

More Stories To Tell

Well. The winds blew and the rains fell and blew and fell and blew and fell. For 60 hours. Then the power went out. For six days. But, I’m lucky. I’m told. Some people in New Orleans won’t get their power restored for another week. No power equalled no blogging. As Neil Young once wroteContinue reading “More Stories To Tell”

Not As Planned

They say if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. Or, something like that. Between the horror in Colorado earlier today and the weather, I think everybody’s plans changed for Uncle Lionel’s jazz funeral. Sheesh. I’m not even sure what to write because my feelings are so mixed. A jazz funeral isContinue reading “Not As Planned”

And, One More…

This is it for Uncle Lionel’s second line parade. The material is getting to be a week old. Hopefully, I’ll make a few good pictures at his jazz funeral and last parade, tomorrow.  And, if all goes well,  I’ll be efficient in post production. If all that works, I’ll post something on the same dayContinue reading “And, One More…”

From A Second Line Parade

There were all sorts of  local semi-famous faces in the second line parade for Uncle Lionel. For those of you who follow New Orleans music and  know the name Neville Brothers, but don’t live in the city, you may be surprised to find out that they have a musical sister. Charmaine. She’s a blues andContinue reading “From A Second Line Parade”

Uncle Lionel

A massive second line parade for Uncle Lionel Batiste rambled through Treme yesterday evening.  As with all things New Orleans, the parade was supposed to start at 5p, but it started a little late. When it finally began to roll a pack of photographers descended on Norman Batiste, Lionel’s brother. Obviously, if you look atContinue reading “Uncle Lionel”


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