Since I changed things up a bit yesterday, I thought I would continue with my ongoing seasonal theme of summertime. This isn’t really a project per se. Nor, is it any sort of assignment. But, since I carry a camera pretty much everywhere I go, I sort of document events and scenes in themes. Some […]

Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of people.  Around here usually means really fresh fruits and veggies. We have the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatula. We sell summer fresh fruits and veggies on the streets, out of trucks, and from mom and pop stores.And, today and tomorrow we celebrate the Creole Tomato Festival […]

I was reading something about Margherita Pizzas and that got me thinking about the fresh tomatoes of summer. Yes. I know that the only tomatoes in a Margherita Pizza are in the sauce, but that’s joust how my mind works. Then I started thinking about gardens past. That’s also how my mind works. Then I […]

I never thought that I would say this, but for the month of April I made too many pictures. As I was starting to “curate” — old guys like me call it edit — my April picture a day project, I realized that I made way more images than I needed for the 30 day […]

I have a very kind follower who wrote that I am an artist. She said something to the effect that I should embrace it. I would if I was an artist. But, I’m not. I’m not a lot of things. That’s okay with me. What I am is pretty simple. I’m a photographer who makes […]

This will conclude my little walk through the neighborhoods of Hong Kong. The best place to start is with me. I’m a big believer in the high quality of street food, especially in Asian countries. In Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand some of freshest, freshly cooked and well-prepared food is found in little […]

For yesterday’s post, I offered up some Hong Kong images that were pretty much general views of the city that were photographed in my style. I wrote that I would show you a little different, more local, view of the city today. So here it is. Six images that are what I call “little pictures.” […]

America. Today is the The Fourth of July. I received an email from Michelle Obama talking about veterans. I read a Facebook post from a friend of mine talking about veterans and freedom. Those are perfectly fine sentiments, but… We have a Veterans Day for living veterans and a Memorial Day for those veterans who […]

While I’m a great believer in change, there are certain things that I hope will never change because they are sort of touchstones to me. In Hong Kong that usually means small family run businesses that have been managed the same way for one hundred years or more. In these pictures, we see typical Hong […]