This picture is a rare look at I-10 with no traffic as you enter the city. Normally, I’d write this off as dumb luck, but it’ was really about 8am on a Sunday morning when people are either getting ready for church or getting ready for NFL football. Me? I was taking advantage of a beautiful, but very hot day, to work a little in the French Quarter. Hoping on and off the interstate is one way to move around quickly… when there isn’t much traffic. Oh yeah. The picture is just another former of my “drive by” working style. 

Okay. Now I’m back from my departure into the real world. Back to the world of experimentation and some kind of an attempt at art. So. This is Victoria Harbor which is a major shipping lane and separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and the rest of the New Territories. As you get closer to the heart of the Harbor, it is not so wide anymore as more and more land is reclaimed. I made this picture some time back when I was onboard the ferry to Lantau Island. In those days, the ferry was the only way to get to an island whose land mass is larger than Hong Kong Island. Today, the international airport is located there. So, you can drive or you can take an express MTR train to get there. It’s become all too civilized.

This picture. I’ve been building portfolios which will mostly live on my i-Pad. I’ve been going deep into my files to find hidden gems. Or, lumps of coal. This image was actually made on the old school media called film. It scanned it, uploaded it to my i-Pad and started playing with it. Most of the work was done using Snapseed. 

One thing about summer in New Orleans, or anywhere else that is a semi tropical place, is the humidity. It really shows itself in the form of condensation in the early morning on glass objects of all kinds. Windows are great fun to photograph as well as anything that is located on the shadow side of a street. What isn’t fun is the transition time between leaving an air-conditioned place and acclimation in the wilds of nature. Eye glasses fog up, camera lenses and lcds fog up. I fog up. If you are smart, or have just learned from experience, you never change lenses until the camera and lens has been acclimated. And, you might consider keeping your gear in the trunk of your car, rather than keep it in the car as you drive from place to place.

So. This picture. It was made in The French Quarter on the downriver side of Bourbon Street in front of The Clover Grill. I don’t care what any of these new gourmet hamburger places say, they don’t hold a candle to a Clover Grill burger. Nothing special about the post production. Just a little fine tuning and amplifying. 

So. I was very late yesterday and I’m very early today. That’s what happens when I can’t sleep. This is one of those pictures I made on my walk through The French Quarter. The bikes are typical for the rough streets located there. For me, the added touch was the faded Mardi Gras beads which seemed to add just the right touch. It helped that The detergent – street cleaning truck was passing by just as I stumbled upon the bikes. It helped give the street a rather interesting glow. 

No. I didn’t sneak over to Spain to photograph the real running of the bulls. Instead I worked in New Orleans. I made pictures at San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012. What the hell is that, you might ask? It’s yet another New Orleans event designed to get people out and partying. Apparently, there is not enough of that in the city already. The event was started a few years and has grown so big that the route was changed this year. I’m not sure why, except to say that the bulls and runners make their way through an area near the convention center and warehouse district that is relatively untrafficked at 8am on a Saturday morning. And, that’s good time to get ahead start on Saturday’s drinking and carrying on. You need an example? I saw a young woman in her mid-twenties taking big slugs from a pint of brown liquor at 7:30am. For breakfast.


There are the runners. They are dressed in white with red highlights. The look like a bunch of pizza cooks. Can you imagine maybe 5,000 – 10,000 pizza cooks in one place? They are chased by the bulls who are really members of the Big Easy Rollergirls and their friends from other roller skating and derby groups. Instead of a bull goring a runner, the girls swing big plastic bats and whack the runners on their butts. Hard.

This is one of those bulls.

I posted a picture from one segment of Route 66 yesterday. I thought that I would post another. This time from a very quiet section of the old route which is located in Laguna Pueblo. I like this image because it sort of tells you exactly where you are. You ARE on Route 66. There is no question of it. Some enterprising artist made sure of that. I saw it. And, I suppose that I took advantage of his work. I do that sometimes.

A few years ago I happened to find myself in Shanghai, China. Find myself? You ask… Okay, I took a plane and a train.  I traveled there to photograph the city.

Anyway… I got up early one morning to photograph rush hour and I made my way to The Bund, where I made this picture of people doing their morning exercises with The Pudong region in the background. Then, I chased rush hour traffic, which in that section of the city is comprised of a mix of cars, trucks, bikes and people who are walking. It’s pretty fast paced and very cool to photograph.

This picture, on the other hand, is quite calming and very peaceful. It’s a weekend sort of image.

I was on my way to someplace else when I decided that I needed a little coffee. One Double Macchiato later… I made two very unexpected pictures.

I was there. And there. And there. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I’ve been to a lot of places. I know, I know. Everybody loves to travel. But try doing it because you have to do it. Try doing it for months at a time. It get’s a little tiring. When you finally getting settled in any are getting used to being someplace else, it’s time to go home. Going home can be even more unsettling. You’ve lost the context of your life at home. Stuff has happened. People have made little changes. They’ve moved on to some new phase in their life and you weren’t there to notice it so it seems like a big deal even when it was some tiny incremental move. I suppose that it’s even more taxing when you move from place to place every day or two. You never know where you are. But, here’s the funny thing. When you finally get home and settle in and swear you won’t do THAT again, you start thinking about your next trip. And, here I go again… maybe for nine months. Or, a little less. Or, a little more. Or, maybe not at all.

Anyway… three pictures from very different times in my life. The plane taking off was made in St. Barts. If you’ve never flown there you owe yourself this ride. Never mind just being there which is like being in a French paradise. You catch a little plane from St. Maarten, fly close to the deck  and make a turn, climb over a little ridge and drop onto a little, tiny short airstrip.

Then there are Vasquez Rocks. If you’ve seen a western or outer space movie, you’ve probably seen this place. It looks like some other planet especially if you wait for the right light. It’s a spiritual place.

And finally, spinning stars in the Joshua Tree desert in Southern California. The best way to make this picture is to hike far into the desert, bring some cooking gear, some really thick steaks, a bottle of your favorite hooch, make camp and just sit. Oh, that stuff is heavy. Bring a couple of friends. Don’t forget your camera gear and about three tripods so you can make more than one or two pictures.