When I was photographing The Bank, located in Central City, the owner took me to another building that he uses as a workshop. He restores some furniture there. He also builds new, better-than-original furniture and house details there. I happened to wander into a back room and found the tools of his trade hanging neatlyContinue reading “Tools.”

Old And In The Way.

First. In the interest of transparency, that title is an old song title, written by Hazel Dickens and popularized by the late Jerry Garcia. That’s a digression. I’m trying to think… I’ve been working on a project in the Central City of New Orleans. It’s taking a lot of my free time. At one pointContinue reading “Old And In The Way.”

Those Were The Days. Or Not.

I saw this on my walk through The Quarter. I had to photograph it. I make no cultural comments. Angelo Brocato is long longer in The French Quarter. They are located on Carrollton near Canal Street. They are New Orleans beloved Italian sweet shop. Ice cream that is the best. Often, we eat dinner atContinue reading “Those Were The Days. Or Not.”

A Change of Pace

For now, I’m done with second line parades. But, rather than jump into something new, I thought I post something like a chapter header. It is a sign. A symbol. A fleur-de-lis. It is a symbol of much more than just The New Orleans Saints. It is the symbol for a city. Many cities, actually.Continue reading “A Change of Pace”

Little Parts

There are days when I’m a little tired of being in the heat — which is seemingly everywhere these days — or traveling, and I just want to hide out somewhere. It’s on those days when I start looking in drawers and closets for something to photograph. This is a picture of my dad’s oldContinue reading “Little Parts”

The Details

Over the course of the last few days I’ve been posting pictures of the people who live in Central City. I thought I would show you a few pictures of the place that I’ve been making over the past few weeks. Some are scene setters. Others are details. Still some of these images try toContinue reading “The Details”

A Little Red

Not just any red. Fuzzy dice red. With an American flag. I thought I’d post this as a walk up to a long Memorial Day weekend. Originally it was called Decoration Day and it was established to honor the Union war dead who were killed during the Civil War (In The United States — forContinue reading “A Little Red”


  “Jumping Jesus” (originally by Sordid Humor) Jumpin Jesus my oh my he’s got a great big bottle of sunshine Jumpin Jesus why oh why take the time to get inside to get inside So what’s a wall with so much yellow for? I don’t know what it’s for So what’s a wall has soContinue reading “Yellow”

The Thing Is…

I have a very kind follower who wrote that I am an artist. She said something to the effect that I should embrace it. I would if I was an artist. But, I’m not. I’m not a lot of things. That’s okay with me. What I am is pretty simple. I’m a photographer who makesContinue reading “The Thing Is…”

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