This picture is a rare look at I-10 with no traffic as you enter the city. Normally, I’d write this off as dumb luck, but it’ was really about 8am on a Sunday morning when people are either getting ready for church or getting ready for NFL football. Me? I was taking advantage of a beautiful, but very hot day, to work a little in the French Quarter. Hoping on and off the interstate is one way to move around quickly… when there isn’t much traffic. Oh yeah. The picture is just another former of my “drive by” working style. 

When I work in Central City, a lot of what I find is in the details. It means that I can’t just drive to an appointment. Or, drive around looking for things. I have walk around looking for little details that either function as a sort of point picture, or as something large as an icon that speaks to a much larger concept. I’m just thinking out loud, here. But one way signs pointing in two directions, with one pointing to a kind of stop sign, seems to be about life itself. I don’t remember if I thought that when I made the picture. The beads? Just Mardi Gras beads that have faded in a harsh Southeast Louisiana, summer sun. Fortunately, they faded into colors that blend with the signs on which they are draped. Ah. The wonders of nature.

First. A quick announcement. I’ve reached 10,000 page views. I don’t think that’s much cause for celebration when I stop to think about some of my fellow bloggers who have 10,000 views per week, or per day or even per hour. I have no idea how they do it. But, they do.

That said, on the same evening that I photographed the skyline and the broken glass brick, I also made this burnt out picture. I made it by shooting through a broken glass window, of which there are many in the Central City. I’m not exactly sure what it says. But, since I’ve learned a while back that the content is informed by the viewer. Yeah, yeah. That’s very academic. A better way of saying that might be, “you say tomato, I say tomahtoe.” Or better yet, as John Lennon once said when was asked what his songs mean, “whatever you want them to mean.”

Anyway. Here’s the picture. Plenty of post production on this one, Again on my i-Pad, using Snapseed.

Over the course of the last few days I’ve been posting pictures of the people who live in Central City. I thought I would show you a few pictures of the place that I’ve been making over the past few weeks. Some are scene setters. Others are details. Still some of these images try to make a point.

I thought I would post the tight portrait of Harold. I had a hard time selecting yesterday, so maybe you should see both images. I’ve got some more reporting to do on Central City, so I’ll leave you with that for today.

Despite its bad reputation, there is a huge population of people who have lived in Central City, New Orleans, for most of their lives. They, too are worried about the violent crime and what will become of them if Ventral City is actually turned around as many folks are hoping and planning. This is one of those long time residents. Meet Arthur Lee. I met him while I was photographing an abandoned Catholic church. He told me a bit about the neighborhood, what it was like, what it is like today and what it could become.

Once again, I’ve decided to publish a picture from Hong Kong. This image was made from the Hollywood Road entrance to the wet market in Central. It’s more of a scene setter which gives the viewer an idea of where the market is located among the skyscrapers of the city. In case you are wondering, it’s pretty much the color as the camera saw it. If anything, I turned it down a bit since it was really garish.

Well, I’m looking back. But, not so far back given that March just ended yesterday. Please take a look at my small collection of pictures from what appears to be my never-ending project called, PAD, or picture a day. I started this thing four years ago. Every time that I reach the end of one year, I stop the project thinking, “that’s enough.” A strange thing happens. After a few days, or a week or a month, I started to miss it and so back to the project I go. Usually I try to set some kind of semi-important date. My birthday. My other birthday. The New Year. The Lunar New Year. Something like that.


Here are my images for March. Some of you have seen some of them as I tend to post some of the better images as I produce them.

Yes. I would write a lot today, but I need a break. I’m sure that you do too. So instead, I’m sharing a taste of this month’s Picture A Day project. I’ll post all of this month’s PAD work on April 1, since I still have a few more pictures to shoot, this being March 30 an all. 🙂 This is just a night traffic scene. I’m on Camp headed into the CBD of New Orleans.