A little more nature.

A picture of fall that didn’t really change. It looks like summer. Or, spring. Maybe not winter.

One thing did change. The way that I work. The geniuses at WordPress have now forced me into using their new method of formatting a post. I didn’t like it when they first made these changes. But, I managed to work around it. It seems that I can’t now. And, I hate it now. I’m a guy who never uses the word hate. It’s a little word that means way too much.

But, this? It’s not picture friendly. It’s not design friendly. I can’t see what the post looks like. And, I certainly don’t think that I can post multiple pictures. I think this started when I added that PayPal button. I asked for help because the WordPress directions aren’t all that clear. I think the so-called Automattician helped me out. More than I wanted. Oh, and they helped me a couple of days after I actually struggled through the work.

That said, the PayPal button is for a special project. But, feeling the way that I do right this minute, I may be coming to the end of my days with WordPress.

The picture. Just point the camera into the sun and shoot. That’s all.

Oh. One more thing. Se that word? Automattician? That’s a WordPress word for the programmers and coders who work for WordPress. Their very own spell check thinks it’s misspelled.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about Freret Street and its relationship to Central City. I thought I’d give you all a quick look at the street and some of the things that you can see there. It’s an overview and I’m sure I’ve missed something that somebody might think is important, but these kinds of shoots are always a work in progress.

When I was photographing The Bank, located in Central City, the owner took me to another building that he uses as a workshop. He restores some furniture there. He also builds new, better-than-original furniture and house details there. I happened to wander into a back room and found the tools of his trade hanging neatly up against a back window. Pretty old school looking tools if you ask me. I couldn’t resist, so I made this picture. Not much to it. F8 and be there. A little post production to open up the details and that’s it. 

When I work in Central City, a lot of what I find is in the details. It means that I can’t just drive to an appointment. Or, drive around looking for things. I have walk around looking for little details that either function as a sort of point picture, or as something large as an icon that speaks to a much larger concept. I’m just thinking out loud, here. But one way signs pointing in two directions, with one pointing to a kind of stop sign, seems to be about life itself. I don’t remember if I thought that when I made the picture. The beads? Just Mardi Gras beads that have faded in a harsh Southeast Louisiana, summer sun. Fortunately, they faded into colors that blend with the signs on which they are draped. Ah. The wonders of nature.

I don’t normally ask for things like this. But, please vote for this picture. Here. http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/portfolio-view/travel-photo-contest-19/ I’ve entered it in a fellow blogger’s travel photo contest.

The picture?

It was made a few years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the opening day of The International Balloon Fiesta. It was mostly a combination of luck and, well, luck. I was heading towards the balloon field for the first morning’s mass ascension when I ran into a massive traffic jam on the interstate. Yes. I left for the even in plenty of time. By the time I worked my way through all the traffic many of the balloons were already in the air. So I  drove around to the backside of the balloon field and happened to find the this picture. 

Following yesterday’s post, I thought another simple picture was a good idea. This one was made along the Bosque near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

New York City. What does it mean to you? And, you? And, you? Different things probably. To me, it’s a city that never sleeps. It’s a city of amazingly high energy. It’s sparkles and it shimmers. Don’t misunderstand me. I love other cities as well. But, for different reasons. I love Hong Kong. Oh, boy. Do I love being in Hong Kong. I love Shanghai. I love Paris. I  love San Francisco and it may seem odd, but I even like Los Angeles. And, of course, I love the city in which I live — New Orleans. But, New York… Whew.

So. This picture. It’s elderly. It’s a signature picture. It was made on film. It was made from the observation deck of The Empire State Building and shows a glimmering Chrysler Building surrounded by a shimmering city. For me, that says New York. It’s a happy picture. We could all use a little dose of happy about now. Don’t you think?

Thai speed. I made this picture a few years ago on the streets of Bangkok. Thailand. I’ve always enjoyed photographing subjects in motion and making them look and feel like they are in motion. Generally, that means working at night for the drama and exposing at f 5.6 and letting the shutter speed fall where it may… as long as it is not open too long which turns the image into a mass of color and lines. Or, as long as it isn’t too short which freezes the subject and defeats the purpose of trying to capture the feel of motion. yes. I did some post production work as the frame indicates. But, not too much.

I couldn’t think of a title, so I Googled songs about spring and flowers. That sort of worked. There are some pretty bleak songs about a season which is all about rebirth, beauty and light. Even Frank Sinatra wrote that he has no ambition or desire to do anything because nobody loves him. Whoa. Sinatra?

These pictures were made in New Mexico. The spring — and fall — light is much better there. That brings me to this. I like being in New Orleans. It feels something like home. But, there are days when I really miss New Mexico. Especially in the spring and fall. But, there are days when I really miss cities in Asia. Hong Kong. Singapore. Shanghai. Bangkok. I spent a lot of time in those places. I’m never sure whether to take a step back and return to the scenes of those crimes. Or, to just keep moving forward.

So, guess who I’m listening to? Yep. Frank Sinatra. Jazz standards.

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