Concrete Canyons

I was looking at this picture that I made in Admiralty, Hong Kong and realized just how power the island had become. Most of the buildings that form the backdrop of this image are banks. major banks with their Asian home offices located in Hong Kong. The pinkish buildings in the foreground are housing estates,Continue reading “Concrete Canyons”

A Vertical City

This image comes from my archives. I’ve been doing a lot of restructuring of my files so images like this keep turning up. I suppose they belong to my “lost” collection which was never really lost. This image is of Central, in Hong Kong, looking toward Wan Chai and Admiralty. It was made from aContinue reading “A Vertical City”

String of Jewels

This is another selection of images from my one time portfolio. Although the compression software of eBlogger doesn’t do it any favors, it is rather nice image of Hong Kong estate buildings. It has a nice artistic feel to it. To those of you who haven’t been to Hong Kong, the word estate has anContinue reading “String of Jewels”

Lascar Row

Lascar Row, or Cat Alley, is located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Originally it was a boarding house area for Indian sailors. It was also a red light district. Today, the alley houses antique shops, art galleries and a lot of cheap trinket outdoor stands. This area is located down the stairs directly across theContinue reading “Lascar Row”

Wet Market

This image is probably one of the oldest in my newly completed electronic portfolio. It is of an overhead view of the wet market in Central, Hong Kong. China. It was made from a flyover of what used to be called “The World’s Longest Escalator.” But, in the interest of full disclosure, it is nowContinue reading “Wet Market”

Summer Palace

If you travel about 30 miles outside of Beijing, China  you will come to the Summer Palace. This is where the em – perors and their families spent the summers trying to avoid the sweltering heat of Beijing. It’s a huge piece of land that was first developed in 18th Century and was damage during the OpiumContinue reading “Summer Palace”

A Wide Spot in the Road

As I mentioned in an earlier post, hutongs have wide spots in the alleys where two crossing alleys meet or where the residents have built little shops or cafes. Here we see a sedan chair driver taking a break in one of those wide spots as the residents pass around him. We also see anContinue reading “A Wide Spot in the Road”

The Peak

This is a place for one of the best views of Hong Kong. This is from a coffee shop located on The Peak in one of two shopping areas. The coffee shop is Pacific Coffee which was the forerunner of Starbucks in Hong Kong. There are Pacific Coffee shops in many locations including all theContinue reading “The Peak”

My Street

Once upon a time, many years ago, I used to live on this very street. In fact, if you look towards the center right of the image you’ll see a sign that says “bar.” That was my building. The building. doesn’t have a bar in it, just a lot of serviced flats. This is StauntonContinue reading “My Street”

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