After lunch.


nce upon a time, in a far away place, I took this picture. I forgot about it. Amazon Pictures found it. It was something I saw after lunch with a friend, as I was walking to my car. I stopped for a few minutes and photographed the hell out of it.

I used my favorite camera of the time, even though it wasn’t anything big time. I used Nikon for most work, but I carried a Canon Powershot G-9 everywhere. It was a little thick to fit in my pockets so I wore it like a big camera on a strap and slung it over my shoulder.

I made so many pictures with it that I it wore out. Canon couldn’t repair it, but they were amazed at the number of times I pushed the button.


That’s a lot.

I sorta bought a used one from a kid on Craigslist. We met at some coffeeshop in Albuquerque. He wanted $250.00. I offered him $100. He asked why he should take such a low price. I replied that it was obviously stolen and there are two cops sitting right over there. He asked how I knew. He left the SD card in the camera. There were a bunch of family pictures stored on it. He claimed it was his family. I showed them to him. He was a blonde white boy. I smiled at him and said, “so you’re Black, who’d have thunk it?

He walked away before I could do anything.

So, being the law abiding soul that I am, I it mentioned to the cops. They shrugged their shoulders. Unless I could prove it was stolen they couldn’t do much about it.

That’s how I got my first free camera.

A crack in the wall.


his is a New Mexico picture. Sometimes I just see shapes and I want to see what they look when I photograph them. I’d forgotten this picture until Amazon found it some buried sub-archive. Boy, was I happily surprised.

I’d tell you that this is an adobe wall, but it is not. It is some kind of concrete that is made to look like adobe. It’s sort of a touristic thing to do when you want to attract people to your business as they are wandering around Santa Fe.

Some would say that this is not real adobe that the picture isn’t true.

Of course it’s true. It’s not a study of construction method, it’s a study of the shape created by that dark gap in the wall.

Some people, Sheesh.

From another perspective.


o you remember what I said yesterday about November 21 being the start of my year? Well, I started that. After some thought I decided that I wanted to take a look back at my traveling life.

This does two things.

You get to see photographs that you might never have seen. You know. Exclusive to the readers of Storyteller. I have further plans for that.

This also forces me to work through my archive and do something about the 50 year old mess.

I also am playing with, tinkering with, and experimenting with different art forms.



his is The Church of Saint Francis Assisi located in Taos, New Mexico. It’s actually in Rancho de Taos. The plaza that is built around the church is dusty and has seen better days.

Just about everybody and their brother has photographed it. And, their brother’s brother too. It’s a challenge to do something different. I think I did, but only because of luck and timing. Saying that is a gamble. Obviously, I haven’t seen every picture that was taken there.

Happy Tuesday.

The soft underbelly.

This stuff never changes. It’s swamp growth. It doesn’t care what season it is unless it’s super cold with temperatures down in the low twenties. Then, like every other plant, it dies. But, it grows back in a fairly short time.

So, my year starts today. A friend of mine suggested that I start my year on my birthday rather than January 1 or even on a financial quarter. I think that’s a pretty good idea. So away I go.

In Memphis.


atching up. Or, Ketchup.

Just as I predicated, violence begets violence. There was a protest in Wisconsin. Black people came out to protest the Rittenhouse Verdict. Standing guard on the perimeter where serious looking Black men armed with long guns also known as AR-15s.

That verdict made everyone fair game on the street. We can be our own judge, jury and executioner whenever we feel the need.


oving on.

Covid-19 is starting a very slow surge just in time for the holidays. Nationally the numbers have grown by about 20,000 infections per day. Some states like Vermont who had the virus well under control are seeing a pretty steep rise. The government says about 70% of the country have gotten their jabs. The real number is 50.1%.


loser to home.

You might recall that I’ve complaining about a slow computer that was slow to download, slow to open websites, slow to do anything internet related, which is to say, just about everything. When it started happening to others in the house I thought, wait a minute. I started researching and learning about browsers.

Normally, the browser that comes with your computer is the best one for you. Being Mac people we use Safari. It turns out that Safari should be good except that Apple packed it full of functions that most of us don’t need or want. The next browser could be Google, but it’s Google and all that it implies.

So. What to do? What to do? More investigating revealed that Opera might be the one for us. I downloaded it, installed it, brought over my bookmarks and set to work. It was life changing. It’s faster than anything I’ve ever used. Websites, including this one, open in a couple of seconds to open. Zoom is solid. Spotify is solid. I can even use Instagram on my big machine.


nd, finally.

Today begins my 68th trip around the sun.

One of my favorites.


lans. I had some plans for today’s post. A nice, peaceful post for a Saturday afternoon.

Then Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges. He killed two men and wounded a third. I needn’t recap the entire event because I’m sure you are aware of it.

What happened next is heartbreaking.

A number of Congressmen are cheering for the verdict. They are offering him internships at the Capitol. Some are offering him jobs in businesses they own.

I went to Facebook. The comments were horrible. There were no complaining comments. They were all pro acquittal. They were congratulating him on defending himself.

Let’s see if I understand this. The jury gave Rittenhouse a license to kill. If he was Black what would have happened, do you think? The jury just made The United States a much more violent place with approved vigilante justice. They also painted a target on Rittenhouse’s back.

They say that empires usually die at 250 years. The US is 246 years old.

Think about that.

Interesting pizza place.


ow, oh wow, oh wow.

This is another picture that’s been reworked and cropped. What I didn’t notice until I enlarged it are some of the details.

The upstairs windows are new, if new means chopped out of the wall in the late 1800s.

How do I know?

Aside from the sloppy finishing job of those windows, my processing sharpened and brought out everything. There are letters all over that wall advertising something. They are part of a so-called ghost sign.

I’d have to do some research to know what this building was in the before times. Today, the upstairs is an apartment, maybe two. Downstairs is where a pizza place called The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen lives.

The pizza place was one of a couple of restaurants opened in the early days after Hurricane Katrina blew through. Most people went there for lunch because pizza. We could take it to go.


Now I’m interested. A little research is in order.

Maybe I’ll get to photograph from the inside out.

This picture.


his picture started out its life in black and white. That’s not quite true. The original file is color, but because of the way I isolated it against a bald whitish sky it looks black and white.

The picture became experimental. I wanted to see if I could introduce some color to a black and white picture. It turns out that there are plenty of ways to do that, but none of them add true color. They add sort of a transparent color on the upper layer which was fine for this test.

Because I used OnOne for the job it didn’t take a lot of moves to get here because you can see what the filter will do on the left hand column of the desktop.

That’s what I did. Last night.

In the dark hour.


esterday was almost useless. Since I believe there are no useless days, that’s saying something. I had one of those days where everything went wrong. Luckily, they were little things. The espresso machine started the day, by doing something funky. The mouse batteries died without warning. Two lightbulbs burned out. And, so it went right up until the time I went to sleep.

Today is a new day that started off much better. Thankfully.

I made this picture on a walk through the French Quarter. You’ve seen another version of it. This time I cropped the heart of it and started playing with it. This version isn’t quite what I intended. I wanted to make the picture darker, but when I did that I lost too much detail. I thought that detail was important in this particular image.

Sometimes photography is about compromise and choices.