New Orleans… “But, Where Should I Go?”

Christmas on the Avenue.

Christmas on the Avenue.

I wanted to talk about the places that you could visit once you arrived in New Orleans. That was my plan. Ha!

Unfortunately, WordPress decided to change the way we edit and build our pages. Without telling us. The only way I can even come close to editing this page in the so-called classic manner is to do a work around from my administration page through the comments section. Are your eyes rolling back into your head about now? Mine too.

Even so, I cannot add keywords. I cannot add tags. I’m not even sure that this links to the social sites that I feed from here. I do know that the page I designed looks a mess now. That’s due to my work around. I can’t control what I’m paying for.

Oh yeah. You can no longer directly contact the little helper monkeys for guidance. Don’t blame me for that name. That’s what WordPress calls their staff. Only paid business sites can do that now.

So, I went to the WordPress users forum. A few complaints? Nooooo… Hundreds.  Nooooo… Thousands of complaints. That’s how I learned how to do the work around that I’m using.

Why did WordPress do this? They are driving blog posts into a short form, more suitable for portable devices.


They did this without telling a soul. I should have known better. A night or so ago, nothing would load. If I tried to read one of your posts, I couldn’t. If I tried to post, I couldn’t. That has been the traditional tell-tale sign that major work is being done on the site.

Now that I’ve written about these new changes, here’s the short form of what I was going to write about New Orleans.

You probably came for the French Quarter. That’s great. After a day and night there, move on. See the city. Some of where you could go is seasonal. But seasons change. The only time I would suggest you not come is in the heart of the summer — July, August and the early weeks of September. Yes, hotel and dining rates are way down. There’s a reason for that. It’s way too hot and humid at that time of the year. Even locals wilt in the hot sun and melt in the humidity. Any other time is just fine. Great, in fact.

Where to go?

You could take a ride on the green St. Charles Avenue Streetcar. Buy a day pass and get on and off wherever you want. That’s the top picture. Christmas on the Avenue. You could wander the Garden Districts, both of them. Upper and Lower. Magazine Street is the shopping street that runs through both of them. With the exception of a very few, most businesses are locally owned which makes them unique. You could come for Super Sunday, head to Central City and see the Uptown Mardi Gras Indians, or wait a couple of weeks and see the Downtown Mardi Gras Indians who start walking at Bayou St. John. Or, you could get out-of-town… slightly. Take the ferry from the foot of Canal Street and see the skyline. Wander around a bit in Algiers Point. There’s good food and good music there. Or, you could go to Lake Ponchartrain and sit along the lake. Relaxing.

That’s what I was going to write. Just more of it.


Here’s the deal. Unless I can figure out a way to edit Storyteller in a way that makes sense, my time could be coming to an end on WordPress. Don’t worry, I have a blog kernel on my website, I may just move there and hopefully you’ll come with me. We’ll see.