Shades of gold and brown.


hat a weird, but peaceful day. We did a lot of cold weather cooking. But, mostly I slept. And slept. Here’s how it went in the afternoon. I thought I would rest my computer eyes and read something on real paper at around 4pm. I awoke at 8:45pm. By the time my head cleared it was around 10pm.


I guess I must have needed it, but I’m working at 11pm. I wonder if I’m going to sleep at anywhere near a more normal time.

Maybe what I did read caused me to pass out, not sleep.


his latest surge is averaging around one million people a day being diagnosed with CoVid-19. For now. There are all kinds of predictions about when it will peak. It’ll peak when people stop insisting on being stupid.

Although I wasn’t out in it, Christmas and New Year packed the French Quarter. I didn’t see a mask in any picture. Even my friends who mostly listened to music were hugging and kissing with no masks. They’d just better hope that some experts are wrong and that being vaccinated does protect them from this latest variant. I wish them nothing but the best, but come on y’all.

Of course, there is the coming Mardi Gras. A lot of people are whining that the city will close down the parades again as if that was the most important thing in the world. The city has modified parade routes because of a lack of staffing among NOPD, NOFD and EMT… due to CoVid issues.

Unless the spread is terrible the city isn’t shutting down the celebrations. We need the money.

We all need the money.