You got gold.


hese days I go to bed late and wake up late. I don’t like this but I can’t seem to break the cycle. I like to work in daylight hours, not at night. Doing this is also makes me late to Storyteller. I used to post and schedule the night before but I’m trying to keep things fresh.

I want to talk about something that happened in Houston at the Astroworld Festival. I woke up to an email that began, “Now what?”

Now what, what?

The festival turned into a stampede in which 8 people died, 17 were hospitalized and hundreds were injured. The founder of the festival, Travis Scott, was onstage with Drake at the time this occurred. LiveNation, a publicly traded multi-billion dollar company, was the promoter.

As the investigation proceeds I’m sure that fingers will be pointed in every direction. But, here’s the deal. Whenever there is festival seating, the people involved with the event are trying to make as much money as possible, fans be damned.

The ultimate culprit, as seems be happening a lot these days, is greed.

All of this sent chills up the spines of everybody in this house. I cannot tell you how terrible we feel for the victims. Thoughts prayers seems such an empty phrase so I’ll go with what they say in New Orleans. “Prayers up.”