New birth.
Even the little bits.

I believe that by being pain free for the past week or so is resulting in much better seeing. I think my consumption of necessary pain meds created a sort of brain fog.

That’s not to say I was walking around loaded out of my mind. I wasn’t. I didn’t. And, I don’t.

But, there was a sort of fog covering the inputs to my seeing.

It reminded me of my drinking days, almost 29 years ago. I thought that I was making good pictures when mostly I was making rubbish.

It took a few months, but once I gave up demon rum I started making better pictures.

Same thing now.

The difference is that pain meds got me through the day. Drinking didn’t. It hurt my day and me.


I saw these pictures walking the all seeing dog. All of them. Today, in lieu of walking far, she started exploring. Everything. Everyplace. Even though she’d smelled these places a million times in the past.

It worked out for both of us. She had a nice morning. I had made these pictures. All of them. Today.

Then, I went to my appointment with my pain management doctor. We are both happy that the procedure of two weeks ago worked so well.

Between the time of the procedure and now, I did a lot of research about healing. The body always heals itself. It just may take a lot of time.

My doc’s and my hope is that the epidurals will bring down the inflammation allowing the two points in the spinal nerve to heal. If that’s the case, I may not need further treatment for my particular issues.

I’m hopeful because the best way for me to make pictures is to walk. I haven’t been able to really do that for a long time.

Now I can.

Writing the other column was hell.

No matter what I did, boxes kept popping up. When I tried to edit one word I would lose and entire paragraph.

For a while I thought I understood this system. Unfortunately, WordPress wouldn’t leave it alone.

I noticed it when the three templates I use were saved. That was good. Why did I need to search for “Image, column and paragraph” every time I logged on?

I never had to deal with these boxes in the past. Now I do. Not only is this destroying my writing, but it’s wasting a huge amount of time.

The block system is supposed to save time. It sort of did. Once again, WordPress had to do something because it’s likely their coders don’t have enough to do. I wish that they’d stop.

Sorry that the technical side became sort of rant. No matter, these are straight photographs. No real manipulation. Just pure documentation.


Stay safe. Stay mighty. You know the rest. Enjoy all the rebirth.

Square tree in the mist.

Starting the week in peace is the way it should go. Busy is fine. Chaos, not so much.

Unfortunately, Mondays are generally chaos. All of the people who didn’t need or want something last week, want it now. Immediately. At once. On their deadlines.

That’s been happening. A lot as the world starts to wake up again.

I’ve gotten a little smarter as I’ve gotten older — some would dispute that — and I schedule projects in realistic time.

When blowback hits as it always does, I ask the complainer if they want the picture good. They say, ” I want it great.” My reply is simple. “Another day.”

Sometimes that what anything takes. Another day. To test. To rework. Te experiment. To sleep on it. When it’s ready, it’s ready.

After all, I’m not a photojournalist on some skin tight deadline. I create stuff. Sorta. Well, most of the time. Oh, okay. Some of the time.

I think that’s how it goes with a lot of our tasks. We try to do two or three of them at one time. You know, multi task. How does that go?

I don’t think we are built that way. Our minds don’t work that way. I can think on a number of levels at once, but when it’s time to actually do the work I need to focus. On one thing. At a time.

How about you?

Trees in the sky. I want them to pop. It’s not necessary for everything to be sharp.

So, the softening technique seems to be the right tool for this approach.

That means that some of the work is done in Snapseed and imported into a big machine so I can also use OnOne. I do that even if I made the original frame with a big camera.

Often times, the only thing I need the heavy duty software is to implant the metadata. I can do everything else in Snapseed if need be.

This is about the last time that I’ll be able to photograph bare branches until next winter. I made this picture a few days ago. Walking by it a few days later revealed some little leaf buds on it. Spring.

That’s good. Time may be flexible but nature isn’t.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. You all know the rest. Enjoy all of your time.