Night ride home.

Night time is the right time. So, they say. I like working at night because of the mystery that is often added to the picture. I like it because I can hide imperfections in the scene or the picture. I also like it because I can make the scene more blue.

The color blue adds depth to blacks when you are using a commercial printing press like the ones that I used in Hong Kong and Singapore.

A photographer or designer can add blue to prints make them look cold as in a snow scene, to make skies look a perfect blue or to make a bloody red print lose its flatness and gain some contour and curve.

From a slightly scientific point of view blue was the last color to be found or created. In fact, it was last year — I think — when an entirely new shade of blue was discovered. That made the folks who make Crayons crazy.

As I recall, when Crayon made room for the new shade of blue, they removed two colors. The new shade of blue was added along with another color that was more modern.

That begs the question about color changes in the Crayon world. I wonder just how many versions of the box of 64 did the company made over the years.

Remember my friend who wants nothing to change once the virus is finally managed? I tried to tell him that the only constant is change.

Even the box of 64 Crayons changes over the years.

Deep blue. The color that I like. The color that I made. I should say the color that I enhanced.

When I made the picture, the sky was turning into dusk. That’s what the original frame looks like.

I helped it in post production. I made an already blue sky really blue, almost black.

That’s how I saw it in my mind’s eye when I pushed the button. The sky was darkening and the bare tree was illuminated from a low winter sun.

I cropped the picture into a square because there was just too much black dead space.

That’s what you are looking at.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Look at all the blue.