Katrina return.

And, so it happened that many of us had our prayers answered today. Joesph Biden was elected The President of The United States. Although every vote isn’t counted, we know enough to call the race in his favor.

In just about every city in the United States the celebrations were on, as they should be. For those of us who believe in such topics as rule of law, that no one person is above the law, that we are a country of equals and the list goes on forever, yesterday was a day to celebrate. Maybe a good part of the next week can be too.

Then, it is time to start working. Follow the president-elect’s lead, start planning, start transitioning into a new era.

Beware. There are ten weeks in which the current president can do as much damage as possible. Look especially at the presidential pardoning process. Will he pardon preemptively, his family, his closest allies and maybe even himself?

Who knows?

Let’s just follow Presedent-elect Biden’s lead. He says that he will govern all of America’s people, not just the ones on the blue or red sides. Be gracious. As an old high school classmate of mine said, “This is not the time to spike the football.”

One more thing.

Adjust your expectations. The new administration is not going to repair issues and relationships over night. They are certainly not going to make the kind of moves that progressives want. I hope many of you are like me. I din’t support and vote for Biden because I thought that he would be a far ahead thinking leader. I voted for him because I knew that a lot of damage must be repaired.

I believe that where his 47 years of experience comes into play.

The flag on this page. You may have seen it in past posts. I made this picture long ago, in the first year following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. I found this little house that had been gutted in preparation for restoration. The work had stopped for whatever reason. Time passed. Three years time.

Whoever did the work hung an American flag on the wall. It partially fell down.

Whenever I think of the incredible damage caused by Katrina, I recall this photograph. It speaks of strength. Of resiliency. Of determination.

This little house mattered to someone. I am happy to report that the last time I drove by this house I did not recognize it. It was completely repaired. So well done, that I drove by it twice before the bell went off in my head.

I don’t have to make any direct comparisons. You know what I’m saying.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear Your mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands.