A little heavy.

The minute I said that I was a little blocked a picture came running up to me. That’s how it goes sometimes. Say it and claim it. The problem evaporates.

I suppose that we are all in a state of suspended animation waiting for the results of the presidential election. Some media like Fox — Trump’s favorite loudspeaker — called Arizona for Biden. So did the AP.

Trump blew up at both of them. I generally read The New York Times or Washington Post. I trust them. Trust the AP too. I do not trust Fox, but because they are such a conservative loudspeaker I suppose that I do in this case.

None of that matters.

Trump is going to sue everybody that he can. Unnamed sources say that he is in a horrible mood and seems resigned to losing.

We’ll see.

Most of my friends are just plain upset. We all fear for our country. What does it mean that 60% of all white men voted for Trump? What does it mean when he gained Hispanic and Black votes?

What does that say about The United States?

A friend of mine says that he wants to move to a foreign country. Maybe California. God, I grew up there. Why did I ever leave?

And, so it goes.

Railroads. I love them. When I was growing up, my parents thought it was good idea to pack up for part of the summer, take the train, and go to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn rivals New Orleans for heat and humidity during the summer.

Of course we had a few ways of cooling down. Most of them were illegal. Getting a big wrench from the basement and opening up the fire plugs was just one of them.

But, this is about the picture. It came running at me so I stood my ground and pushed the button.

Simple as that.

Then I went crazy in post production and made sure that you knew it was dusk when the engines found me.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Be patient.