Understanding. That’s what we all need. Coming together would be great too, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We are just too divided. We can’t abide a disagreement without hating the other guy.

That’s stupid.

Joe Biden looks like he has a great shot at winning the presidency. It’s more important than I first thought.

It’s true. He likely won’t get anywhere with Congress. But, he can do a whole lot of good rebuilding our standing in the world. He can undo a lot of executive proclamations. Most importantly, he can show us just how a president should act.

For sure, Trump will fight every step of the way. After all, leaving the presidency means that he is open to all sorts of investigations and trials.

At best, he lands in prison. At worst, he’ll be drained of all of his money. The financial people that I read put his true net worth at right around a billion dollars, but some of that may already leveraged.

A few words about…

When I posted yesterday, I had just awoken for the second time. I let the dogs out and I went back to bed. I needed sleep. Man, did I need sleep.

I carry stress a little differently than many people. I internalize it. You’d never know that I was worried by looking at me. It’s there all the while. When it’s time to let it go, I really let it go.

I’m fine today.

I’m ready to do battle. I hope that I don’t have to do that. I fear that when Trump loses, a kind of civil war is going to breakout.

This wannabe soldiers who couldn’t qualify for the military have been told standby by Trump. Lord knows what they’d do. Likely, they’d shoot at the guy two doors down and hit me.

I wish they’d think twice and go away.

I want a peaceful transition. War is nasty. The only thing that ever wins are the graveyards. Covid-19 is filling them up fast enough.

And, that’s another thing. More people are getting sick. People are not wearing their masks or keeping their distance. Unfortunately, this too, has become a political issue. It’s not.

If we should be able to agree upon is that we don’t want to die prematurely. I’m tired of people who are saying live your life, masks don’t help, and it’s all a conspiracy.


So, ends an epic rant.

Where are the Americans? It seems to come to me in a fever dream. I remembered what I forgot. In about 1970 or so, Stephen Still released a song by the same name. It was more country than he was.

You remember Stephen don’t you? He really is a legend. He was a founder of Buffalo Springfield. He founded, with Graham Nash and David Crosby, Crosby, Stills and Nash. As Neil Young drifted in and out, The band was renamed Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

They were probably one of the earliest “super groups.” Later he founded Manassas, which to many people’s minds was one of the best bands of that era.


That’s where today’s title came from.

Since I’m a little blocked, I thought it would be good to continue on with the people who make up our country, or for that matter, the world. Y’all seemed to like it.

I tried to cull my archive into happy people. People showing joy. People celebrating.

Hopefully, you’ll like them.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Look after each other. Be Patient. Hold hope in your heart.