Into the deep blue.

The deep blue.


I talked to the fine folks at WordPress. I asked them how I could do some of the simple things that I used to do in the days before blocks. They told me that I couldn’t. I asked them why they keep claiming that blocks are more flexible. They told me they aren’t. Instead, they are faster. That they are easier to use when you are posting from your phone or mobile device. I asked them about quality. That doesn’t matter as long as you can just throw something up.

I have an all purpose two word reply to that. But, this is a family Storyteller.

And, there you have it.

We live in the age of junk. I know that most everything is disposable. Your television monitor breaks. Buy a new one. Send your old one to India where the poor will make a living breaking it down for scraps. Same thing with your two year old smartphone. Or, just about anything digital. I have a seven year old main computer. It’s starting to show a little age. I could clean out the extra data and beef it up a little. Or, I could just scrap it and buy a new one. Off to India it will go.

But, my work. Come on. Give me a break. That’s worth something, at least to me.

On the other hand, it’s ethereal. It’s digital. I’m not even sure it’s in the air. Maybe that makes it worthless. Maybe that makes all digital art worthless. Maybe that’s why the musicians who are playing music from home don’t really like it. At least when they put it into the air at a live concert they know that their music makes people smile.

In my case, I’ve long said that a picture wasn’t a photograph until it is printed on paper. I still believe that.

That makes me smile. That brings me hope. It means that most of the crap found on Instagram is just that. Crap. It’ll never be printed on paper. It’ll never be a photograph. It’s meaningless. Just like most of the pictures on all of our smartphones. Think about that.

The picture

I let the phone sensor do its thing. I let it expose for the highlights. That’s how I made this picture without doing much more. No tricks here. Just an old photographer at work.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Don’t make me tell you to put your mask on. Enjoy every donut.