A force of nature.

To get here.

Even though we haven’t physically gone anywhere, it feels like we have traveled forever. We are burned out from exhaustion. We are tired of the trail. We miss our friends. Our family. We miss our colleagues. We miss our lives.

I’m not sure that we are ever going to get these things back.

A friend of mine attended a big wedding this weekend. There was hugging and kissing, singing and dancing. Not one mask in sight. Obviously, there was no social distancing. These people hadn’t seen each other in at least six months. What are they thinking? Better yet, were they thinking?

It’s depressing.

Meanwhile, the folks in Southwestern Louisiana are suffering. They likely won’t have power for a month, water for two weeks. Some are staying in hotels in New Orleans. That’s the least we could do. They took us in after Hurricane Katrina.

It’s depressing.

Meanwhile, there’s fighting in the streets. People are beating each other. People are getting shot. People are dying. Protests are turning into riots. Nobody is sure which side started the riots, the shooting, the burning.

It’s depressing.

Meanwhile, we have a president who lies as easy as he breathes. A president, who at best is incompetent. People are dying. Who at worst is a criminal. People are dying.

It’s depressing.

They tell you to vote. I don’t know if we can hang on that long. They say that if the president is re-elected democracy could come to an end. We are in the worst possible place that I’ve ever known us to be. I thought that I could continue working hard at what I do. I thought I could eventually leave this mortal coil peacefully. I doubt that is to be.

It’s depressing.

The Picture

I’ve been lucky with moon shots lately. I made this picture in the rain, under an awning and a bunch of tree branches. It’s a true Louisiana picture. The moon is shining. The rain is falling. That’s how it happens around here. That, or the rain follows you and only you.

It’s a little tricky making a picture like this. The moon is spinning. The earth is spinning. The rain is falling. What do focus on? I more or less picked the rain. It’s almost impossible to make a round moon in those conditions. That also made the clouds look weird. Like splatters of paint.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Don’t be like those folks at the wedding. Enjoy every sandwich.