A little hidden.

Something green.

Usually, I just see the light. Then, I work into backlight. That’s what I did with this picture. The glow and the nuclear color comes in post production.

I believe that the BBC is influencing me a lot. I watch Grand Designs, Top Gear and Time Team. They are all very different, but they have one thing in common.


The folks who make those shows do not seem to be able to control green. I see it a lot when I look at Grand Design, a show about people building their dream homes. You look off in the distance at English fields and they glow green. It’s not intentional.

I could have controlled the green in this photograph, but I chose to add to it, rather than subtract from it.

As I look at it on my monitor, the picture seems to have lost the edge of its sharpness. It’s not terrible, but when I last saw the picture using On One, those leaves could cut your face if you got too close.

WordPress again.

Even though I compressed the picture properly when I made the .jpeg, WordPress appears to have compressed it further.

I give up.

I used to say that they disliked photographers and that WordPress is a writers platform. Given the block system and the compression ratio, I think that I was wrong. They dislike everybody but their most high end clients.


Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every shrimp po’ boy.