Not quite yet.

Something like fall.

Or, as we like to say down here, ha, ha, ha. The thermometer says that it’s 94 degrees. The humidity is in the 90% range and some of the leaves are changing colors. It is true that we are getting a cold front later today. The temperature won’t drop much, but the humidity will fall.

This is just setting us up for two strong weather fronts making their way from Africa. This translates to tropical storms, or worse hurricanes. Even if they materialize and don’t hit us, they’ll hit somewhere.

That’s the state of the weather today. For other news tune in tomorrow. I do want to talk about something else.


In their ever helpful way, they’ve added yet another column to their terrible block system. They moved all the types of blocks to one column where you have to search for the ones you use often. Once, they were at your fingertips now they are not. WordPress says they make your work faster. As we say down here, ha, ha, ha.

The only thing that I can think offer doing this is that they are struggling to keep people employed during this pandemic time. Why else would they keep “improving” things beyond recognition?

For those of you who haven’t started using it, you may find it easier because you’ll learn all of this in one go, as opposed to thinking you’ve learned something only to be confused again. Since I live my life in a perpetual staff of covid confusion this just adds to it.


I think I’ll test something. If it works, great. If not, great.

It didn’t work. If I understand what I’m trying to do, I must first go to the source, download the video and add the URL link, rather than simply go to the source, which would make sense. I’m probably wrong because there are no instructions that I can find.


Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every BLT.