Into the sky.

Nothing but problems.

It seems to me that WordPress does not like Safari. It would rather play with Chrome, except that using a Mac causes issues with Chrome. Why can’t they all play nice? It took a good 20 minutes just to get to this page. I still don’t know how to reduce the size of this WordPress page so I can listen to streaming music via Spotify.

I like doing that. It sets the mood. Now, I’m in a terrible mood.

I don’t feel like writing. I’m tired of taking these BS pictures.

I’m tired of feeling trapped at home. I really don’t understand how so many folks can travel to Florida, to Montana, to Colorado, to the North to further west. And, we sit here.

Worse. I’m tired of messing with technology when I really have no interest in it.

I think it’s time to call it quits. These posts are meaningless. If somebody actually learned something from them it might make a difference. If somebody bought or licensed a piece of art from here, posting might be worthwhile.


If somebody is looking for a picture they go directly to Google. They either look for a picture by genre and category or by my name.

The people who study such things say that during times like these, when expediency is worth more than marketing, most of us cut to what is necessary rather than all the window dressing. That’s where my thinking is headed.

Then, there is the silliness called the block system. Before you tell me that I can use “classic,” don’t. It’s an ancient format that still must be accessed through the block system a section at a time. WordPress tries to say that the block(head) system increase design flexibility. It doesn’t. It gives you clusters of pre-formatted page segments.

Flexibility would be a designer’s grid outlined on a page which would allow you to add elements of text, type, art and so on to the page in whatever design you wanted to use. I still can’t kern type in a logical manner and I certainly can’t fatten a drop cap.

There is so much that I’d like to do that can’t be done using this so-called block system.

On the other hand, I could sell you premium content, book you a reservation at a cafe or even embed a podcast player. All things that aren’t useful to me.

I give up.

Stay safe.