Nothing like it.

A lot of photographers were working last night.

The sky turned magic. Some of us photographed into the light. Some from the back of the scene. Others scrambled around looking for a subject to stick in front of the amazing light. I gave up and went to my usual haunt. I made this photograph.

Looking at various social media platforms, I’m happy to say that we all did pretty good, given that every one of us used our phones. They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. Our phones are always with us. Even though I’m not sure the the technical quality isn’t as good as a DSLR, it’s pretty good.

Given that most of our work is starting to live online only, a phone might just be what we need for most work.

The Teachers

For one reason or another, the teachers in Jefferson Parish were given a reprive. The school year no longer starts on Wednesday. Now it begins on August 26, In theory, that gives the schools a chance to get everything done that they haven’t even come close to finishing. A lot of teachers were very, very happy past night.

The Picture

I think that I told you just about everything that I could up above. I suppose that I should say that there was almost no post production needed. The picture is about what the sky looked like when I saw it.

Stay safe. Mask up. Enjoy all the special sunsets.