Nature’s power.


I made this picture as an attempt to describe nature’s power. I’m not sure if it works, but I had fun doing the post production.

Post production beyond developing a digital image should be just that. Fun. And, it’s just that that makes working this way easy to do.

That’s another thing. There are photographic processes that are a struggle. They should be.

Other technical phases should be so much fun, that as my old Singaporian friend said, they are hobby jobs. Something that you work at that doesn’t feel like a job. That’s what most of the basic phases of photography are to me.

Of course, that came from years of working at them.

Like, that 10,000 hours thing. A lot of people set out to debunk that theory by doing it. They said it didn’t work because they didn’t improve. Of course it works. It works when you focus on which 10,000 hours. If you are just putting in the time without concern for quality it can’t possibly work. If you are focused on your work the process takes over. You learn. You grow.

That’s how photography became fun for me. It could be for you, too.

There are other little pro tricks.

Get out of your comfort zone. Work when you don’t feel like working. Learn the tools while you are doing something else.

The picture

I call this a video picture. I made it while we were watching a video. I don’t remember which one, but it’s likely something on Netflix. It’s also likely that it was something in English.We do watch a lot of foreign movies, but you have to concentrate with while watching them.

It starts with a base image. In this case, those bursting purple flowers. Then I add layers. If they don’t work I remove them and start again. The shape and color matters. Eventually I get to a place where adding anything else is too much. I fine tune them and give them to you.

Stay Safe. Stay mighty. You know what to do. Enjoy working on your art. Whatever it is.