A little rain must fall.

Now it begins.

Rain. Heat. Humidity. A southern summer.

I’ve gotten used to it, but it lasts so long. We’ll be lucky if the weather begins to cool off in mid-October. Although with the pandemic age, time still has almost no meaning. I continue to think Friday is either Thursday or Saturday. I continue to awaken at strange times.

I had a lot of end of the month work to do, so when I woke up this morning I had a coffee and sat down in front of the computer. I worked steadily for a while. I had another coffee. It dawned on me that it was still dark outside. It was 4 am. I would have gone back to bed, but after two coffees and a lot of thinking I was wide awake.

I just stayed up.

The dogs thought that I was being ridiculous.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


It happened again.

The mayor posted on social media. She said because she knew many people make a very long weekend of The 4th of July she wished everybody a happy holiday. She wrote in an offhand way, that we should stay safe, stay hydrated and wear our masks.

She was attacked again. She’s a Democratic mayor. So, comments ranged from damn liberals to even worse about her political affiliation.


The Picture

You know me. See it. Shoot it. Luckily, I was at a light. At night. I made a lot of pictures.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy a bowl of salad.

Summertime and the living is easy.


I know summer started a few weeks ago, but I wanted to show you a few pictures from my past. So, the real colors of summer start on July 1, in the age of the pandemic.

The picture is pretty. It looks and feels like a rich, verdant summer lawn. With a golden leaf on it. I reckon that’s a good way to start.

The real topic today is government advisories.

I don’t understand the public’s resistance to everything. Wear your mask. It saves lives. Maybe it will save the life of your beloved granny. There is so many arguments about that. It’s really not want I want to talk about.

Instead, I want to talk about hot weather.

It’s really hot in Southeastern Louisiana. The heat and humidity “feels like” temperature was over 105 degrees yesterday. The governor posted a set of charts and maps, with a few words saying stay hydrated, stay rested and if you can, stay inside, on all social media. This is normal procedure in the summer around here.

I could not believe the blowback he got over that. “You can’t tell me what to do.” “You can’t tell me to stay inside.” “You can’t tell me to stay hydrated.”

What the hell?

I realize that people have already been trapped inside with various degrees of lockdowns. I realize that the country is smashed into little tiny bits. That division is at an all time high. I even know who to blame.

But, really?

People are attacking a heat notice?

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Stay inside. Enjoy every grilled cheese sandwich. (You can grill them on the hood (bonnet) of your car.