Another fine mess.


Many years back, I used to post my experiments on Sunday. I stopped. I returned. And, finally drifted away. I believe that I’m going to resume.

Doing so, sets a road map for me and for you.

Obviously, I can’t make photographs by genre for every day in the week unless you want to see older material. I’m not sure that any of you have been here since the earliest days so you might enjoy it. Let me know.

This image is a combination of two pictures that were layered and adjusted until you see the result. I usually work on these things late at night. It’s a strange thing, but that’s when my creative mind starts to work. I do have sort of a routine. I write in the morning. I make pictures throughout the day. I process them later in the day. I let my mind wander late at night.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every Creole tomato.