Big Storm Coming Soon

Hurricane Season.

Down here in the semi-tropics our hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30. Usually, we don’t see any kind of big storm until July.

Now comes Cristobal.

The storm is predicted to remain a tropical storm. The thing about big storms is that they are often unpredictable. With a little more wind and water picked up in the Gulf of Mexico this one could turn into a Category 1 Hurricane.

This storm, whatever it ends up being, is very early.

Of course, we are prepared. And, we aren’t worried. Unless something really weird happens, we’ll just have a lot of wind and rain. This being 2020 you just never know. For all I know the storm could contain stream sof fire, or a big giant lizard.

The mayor said that if we have a mandatory evacuation, we have to go. She said a hurricane takes presidence over CoVid19. So, we jump back from the frying pan into the fire. I have no idea where we’d go. Maybe to Texas. Going due north won’t help. The storm will just follow us. Although it won’t be anywhere near as strong as will be down here, it should reach Wisconsin.

The Picture

That’s what you came here for, right?

I made this picture last night. Storm clouds are already blowing in from the gulf. Because I was working in very low light, the ISO was turned way up. Maybe too much. The picture was very noisy. I did what I could to mitigate that, but still no joy.

I didn’t really want to give up because I liked the subject. I did what anybody would do. I kicked it up to notches unknown. I went about as far as I could go in post production. I destroyed the picture. I put an ugly border around it. The picture was done. Finished. So was I.

Stay safe. Stay Mighty. Enjoy every sandwich.

Stay dry.