On a wonderful morning.

This is a pretty good way to start the work week. Don’tcha think?

I’m pretty sure that if we start out on a positive note, the negative curve will flatten. Even a little helps. It’s important because a lot of people are really starting to feel it. Depression is in the air. That’s a pretty good way to get sick. CoVid-19 may not strike you, but something else will. Something like a heart attack. Or, whatever chronic illnesses you may have will elevate..

My job, should I choose to accept it, is to contribute to your well being. Two things about that. Hopefully, I’ve been doing that for the last ten years. I know that it’s only for a few minutes. Every little bit helps. For those of you who are new to Storyteller, I encourage you to take a deep dive in my archives. There is a lot of fun stuff that you may not have seen.

Yellow. According to color science, yellow is a mood lifter. From a large press printing perspective, it brightens the picture. Is this yellow enough for you?

The picture. I made it in the morning. As usual, I was walking. I made a lot of pictures of this swamp flower. You’ve seen some of them. I blew the exposure on this one. I didn’t do anything with it. In a later review I saw its graphic possibilities. That’s the reason I suggest that you never delete any file from your take.


I started working on it. Rather than to darken it, which was my first impulse, I made it lighter. I made it yellower. I added a little circular bokeh. I smoothed it out a little. That’s it. Hopefully, it will brighten your day.

Stay safe. Enjoy every meal.