Spring’s rebirth brings a little hope.

Seeing the flowers of spring gives me a sense of hope.

In order to fulfill hope, we must work hard. All of us. Especially now. What are you doing? What will I do?

In New Orleans, the mayor has put out a call for volunteer help. I may do that. A lot of it involves food prep and delivery. The food is destined for first responders, front line medical staff and anybody who is hungry.

The only thing that is holding me back is my own compromised immune system. Before I join in, I’d better call my doctor to see what he thinks.

Now that most of my back and hip pain have left me, I may be a senior citizen but I don’t feel old. And, now that the all seeing dog is starting to feel better we are taking walks without stopping except to do her “business” and for me to make pictures. We went on a pretty long walk yesterday.

More drugs. More drugs. That’s what the doctors gave me. I had Bursitis that should have been treated two years ago. Don’t get me started. I’m humble and happy to have the pain removed. I’m a little angry that I was misdiagnosed for so long.

That mini-rant over, I cannot stress the importance of helping out your community in some way. If you are unable to do that, keep doing what you do. Only, do it more. After all, in these terrible times we are all we have.

The picture. I saw the flowers, I made the picture. I worked very hard to soften it in post production, but that’s about all. I posted another version on Facebook. I added a lot more. It went from being a picture of a flower to something else.

Yesterday, I found a huge amount of these swamp flowers. There were dozens and dozens of them. You’ll see some of them soon, but not tomorrow. I try very hard to vary my pictures. I think of my collections as music on a stage. If you play five down tempo songs, you’ll lose the audience because they’ll be asleep.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.