The road.
Dazzling lights.
This is why I can’t see.

It’s that time again in Southeastern Louisiana.

It would have been Jazzfest time if CoVid-19 didn’t come roaring in like a hellound from the grave. It’s also a time when there is a very clear dividing point between the coolish, dry air of spring and the heat of summer. The first week of Jazzfest is spring. The second week is summer.

From now until almost November a lot of rain hits the ground. In June, hurricane season starts. It ends on the last day of November. We are supposed to have an active storm season.

That’s just what we need.

The virus may last through storm season, or make it’s return toward the end. Normally, we evacuate if it’s a big head on strike. Like Hurricane Katrina. If the virus is still slithering around there’s no place to go. We’d have to shelter in place, which is more-or-less what we are doing now.

I have no idea what kind of damage, pain and death a head on hurricane could bring. I know what the summer of Katrina did. And, most of us had some place to go. I don’t ever want to see that again.

On the other hand.

There’s money to be made even if — God willing — that scenario does not present itself. If I could write, how about a limited series for somebody like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu? Four 90 minute segments. Pick your favorite actors. If it were me, I’d cast actors who normally wouldn’t play in a thriller. I’d want to make a litle more down played.

Nice fantasy.


Aside from drinking bleach which will kill rather than cure there is another persistant myth. Heat and humid kills the virus. I asked a friend of mine who lives in Singapore. She replied in an email, “We are getting hammered here, and as you know it’s always hot and humid here.”

I know two things about Singapore after working there twice a year for nine years, their weather makes ours feel cool by comparison. And, even in early January the temperature was around 90, but the humidity dropped by maybe 10% so conditions weren’t as bad.

Oh yeah.

The pictures. You know me. I make a bunch of drive by pictures when I can, changing the meaning of a drive by shooting. That’s what I did here. I also used a real camera. A Leica. The resolution is so good that when subjects are sharp, they can cut through your eyeballs.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.