Pink Flowers
Growing inspite of itself.


That’s what yesterday was about. I think that because my fear of the virus has lessened and that I’ve actually came to some decisions about my photographic work, I slept. And, slept. And, slept.

I awoke before 7am. That doesn’t sound like I did much sleeping. After the all seing dog and I returned I started to read. I got drowsy and let myself fall asleep. I slept from about 10 am until just before noon. I ate some lunch. I worked for a bit and decided to read. I fell asleep after 1pm and awoke at 5pm. I went to bed at around midnight and awoke just after 7am.

I feel great.

Remember the artist that I wrote about yesterday? In her same comments she said that she fell into a deep and peaceful sleep at around 11pm. When she awoke she looked at the light and thought that she was awake too early, but the light didn’t look quite right.  She checked her phone as most of us do these days. She woke up at 6:30. In the evening.

She felt great.

I guess when you come to terms with the fear of viral death and gain some clarity because of it, you drop your defenses and you stop over thinking. Down you go into a restful and deep sleep.

The good news about the virus locally is not only has the curve flattened, but it is starting to dip. That’s what gave me some peace of mind. Still, stay the course. Stay the course. Stay the course.

The picture. I just walked out and saw it. The dog who shows me things likes to walk around there. I tinkered with it. Those little clover flowers look pink, but photograph white. I had to help you see what I saw.

Stay safe. Care for others. Keep your distance. Wear your mask. Wear your gloves. Take a walk. Go outside. Enjoy every cup of coffee.