A Little Foxy

In the wind.

Summer things.

This picture is not part of my summer collection. It does show a summery plant. Foxtails. They only catch my attention when the wind is blowing. That also makes them a little hard to photograph. Timing is everything. Hand – eye coordination is everything. Seeing what’s happening in the background matters too.

That said, this picture really and truly is the result of luck. Photographer’s luck. Don’t think I’m being overly modest. It takes years of practice. It takes the ability to see. It does take some hand – eye coordination. It takes some mechanical skill. Photographer’s luck is really just shorthand for all of that.

Which brings me to last Sunday’s mini-rant.

It started again on Facebook.

The author in question books are not selling well. She changed one cover in order to stimulate sales. Now, the cover and the content make no sense when paired together.

This thread lasted all afternoon and jumped to another thread, where she mislead the commenters by asking if indy books made a difference when they selected a book. That was never the question. I did say that for the most part I found many indy books poorly written and edited. I wouldn’t know that unless I started reading them.  I don’t judge books by the cover. Our moms taught as that when we were about five years old.

Rather than beat this horse to death and tell you about every reply in the thread, let me tell you that her last statement was the most telling. She said that she thought that authors who were paid advances and had all the marketing support a good publisher can offer, weren’t all that good. I wanted to reply, “Jealous much?” I didn’t. Instead, I posted this.

😂 😂 😂

There wasn’t anything more to say.


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