A Cloud

Drifting in the darkness.

A single cloud.

With the face of a dog. Drifting in the early evening.

As a prelude.

To the storm to come. There are two. The big one, that I mentioned yesterday.

And, the little one, which arrived in the early morning. Within three hours it managed to dump nine inches of rain in our neighborhood. The entire city, and outlying regions, is flooded with about two or three feet of water. Even our street, which never floods, is overwhelmed. Water is up to our porch and well into our driveway. The pool is overflowing.

We had a tornado warning, a flash flood warning, a high wind advisory and a lakefront overflow warning all at once. We are a very special place.

If this keeps up, and with the big storm arriving Friday, it is very likely that the levees holding back The Mississippi River will overtop. That’ll be something. Low lying streets along the river will be flooded with I don’t know how many feet of water.

The big storm is going to make landfall as Hurricane Barry, a Category 1 storm somewhere near Lake Charles Saturday morning in the daylight hours. It will dump anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of rain inland. I have a very soft spot for Lake Charles. That’s where we finally made our temporary shelter after we evacuated following Hurricane Katrina. The folks there took good care of us. I wish them well. And, prayers.

That’s our story.

Have a good thought for us.


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  1. Hello Ray! The man of the house informed me of the flooding that was occurring in your fine, (city, town? ) I immediately thought of you and yours. I pray that NOLA, Will see this storm through. I’d like to see it before anymore destruction happens. I hope you are all safe and emergency plans in place. And your dog’s….I worry about them too. Please know you and your family are in my good thoughts and protective prayers. Please take care. Care.

    Best wishes
    Liz Carter, Tucson Arizona

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    • Thank you. Yesterday was just weird. 9 inches of rain in three hours. The pumps actually worked, but were overwhelmed. It’s what’s coming next that worries me a little. The river is almost as full as it could be. Between rain and storm surge, some areas of the levee could be overtopped. We aren’t near any of those places, but you never know.


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