The other version.


It’s all about perspectives. Or, optics as it is currently called. You’ve seen the horizontal version of this scene. Now, you get the vertical one. This scene isn’t quite as mysterious as the original.  The view is a little closer. It emphasizes the trees.

Perspective is important in life.

Yesterday I commented on series of tweets that seemed to me like they were parroting oil company propaganda. The woman doing the tweeting made a case of it, saying that I among a couple of other commenters, were attacking her because she is a woman.


I wasn’t attacking. I was commenting. And, it doesn’t matter to me what sex she is, I’d still call her or him out on the one sidedness of the tweets. She’s starting to believe her own press. That’s fatal. I didn’t reply. I doubt that I will. Even though we live in the same city — well, I do anyway — it’s just not that important. Besides, what I really wanted to say is “Welcome to the NFL, snowflake.”

For those of you who don’t live in the US, the NFL is a professional football league, which isn’t to be confused with soccer or even rugby. When a rookie whines about being hit too hard, a veteran will say, “Welcome to the NFL.”

Mostly, what I’ve been doing these days is just getting rid of self-important over-inflated egos. If this seems like a rant, I suppose it is. There is just too much uninformed chatter everywhere these days. I’d say that I wish it would go away, but the genie ain’t going back in that bottle.  At least, social influencers are being ripped out by their fake roots.

Oh. Did I just say all that?

My oh my.

Maybe I just need a break.

Sometimes, I make pictures from the inside of the subject.

From the inside.

Sometimes, the subject sort of envelopes me. It happened the other day. Dog or no dog, I take walks. That’s going to get stepped up a bit as I prepare for second line season, assuming we stay in New Orleans. Our property taxes shot through the roof. I don’t mind that, if I get something in return. Like streets without potholes. Or, a city that doesn’t flood with each rain storm.


I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking. When I looked up I realized that I was standing inside of a tree’s branches.

I was inside the tree.

What to do? What to do?

Oh, I know. I’ll make a few pictures. So, that’s what I did.

And, this picture is what I got.

Yeah, I did a little post production. I made the picture glow. That wasn’t quite how I saw it. But, it’s what I liked. So, I went with it.


As you know, I’ve been thinking about social media. The good and the bad of it. I was thinking about giving it all up. But, in 2019, it’s how we sell ourselves. Instead of just leaving it behind, I’ve been removing folks who don’t teach me something, or make me smile. That, in itself, has been making me smile.

If you are starting to feel the way that I was, maybe you should try that too. Just don’t get rid of Storyteller. That would make me frown.

All the green.

Green. Green. Green.

Yep. That’s about it.

I saw this cluster of green leaves and thought that a wide shot might work. Looks like I might be right. The picture, with a little post production, is striking. And, it really wasn’t all that much work in the studio. I just went in the direction that I intended.

That’s it.

Let’s talk about WordPress.

It seems that every time they make a change there are unintended consequences. This time, the page sort of jumps… and posts. When I’m nowhere near ready. Usually, it’s after I’ve uploaded the picture and started writing tags. But, it always happens when my hands are away from the keyboard and mouse. It’s not me. It’s them.

I’d reach out to a WordPress agent, but they’ll just try to find a way to blame me. I’m used to that. It’s their way of making us give up.

If any of you have had this problem please let me know. And, how you resolved it.

I may just take a break until whatever is happening stops happening. I’m getting tired of my work. I might talk about making pictures that I improve intentionally, but that doesn’t inspire me. It is, as the late great Ernst Haas used to say, just stuff. The content and the subject matter isn’t there. There are a few reasons for this. I’m in the middle of sorting that out as we speak.

Maybe a break is in order. Maybe a change in the frequency of posts might help. That means fewer, not more posts. We’ll see. The problem with that is that I’m kind of OCD… it’s all or nothing. I was telling a friend of mine about that when it comes to photographing second lines. I either walk with all of them or I don’t walk with any of them.

I think I should work to change that.

Fallen leaves drifting in a swimming pool.

Summertime and the living is easy.

In this picture, even nature is taking a break. Or, so it seems. It’s likely that either a storm or a big wind blew through, knocking leaves to the ground. If there is a pool nearby, into the water the leaves go.

Somebody better than me has to come along a skim the water. I just take pictures. If this was my pool, it would be another story. In New Orleans, even if the work is zen-like, it’s hot work. A lot of rehydration is necessary. Maybe some sun screen at about a PF rating of 90. And, a hat. Maybe even long sleeves, which makes it feel even hotter.

This picture was made just passing by, like so much of my work. I was exploring a little. You know me. I never self-edit in the field. I see it. If it’s remotely interesting, I photograph it. I can delete the files later.

Which brings me to Sony’s latest and greatest camera. It’s a A 7 IV. It makes a 61mp file. That’s about a 183 mb working file. Add a few layers to that and you are well over a 200 mb file, even with compression. That sounds interesting, yes?


That file is way too big and bulky for most of us. With that camera, not only would I need to upgrade every lens I own because the lenses must have proper resolving power. I’d need increased storage. Given that I save final files in three places, that’s a lot of storage. Then, there’s computing power.  A new computer with about 64 mb of RAM is needed, along with a very fast video card and a lot of onboard hard drive space.


See where I’m headed with this? For most of us it’s overkill. Way overkill. For sure, there are working photographers who could use the equivalent of medium format film. Small product photographers need files of this size. Fine art and landscape photographers could use these huge images. Exposed properly, files of this size could make great 16×20 prints. That’s in feet, not inches.

For the rest of us?

This means we can pick up the last year’s latest and greatest camera for pennies on the dollar. I’m already starting to see the “gear head” photographers on social media selling their year old cameras. These are great deals. This group of photographers use their camera to take pictures of their gear. Maybe they take a few pictures to prove how good the camera performs. They rarely use their cameras as I would. As a tool to make pictures. For them, collecting gear is deal.

Boy, oh boy.

New to me gear.


Royal purples.


That’s the title to a Steely Dan song. It seems to be more about digital photography than music. But, what do I know?

I saw this flower. I almost passed it by. I’ve photographed pink flowers all summer and even before. I had an idea. Yet, another vision of what could be.

I returned to the portable studio in my hand. I went to work. I couldn’t quite get there. I used an application I rarely use. Voila`. I had it.

This image is as I saw it in my head as I pressed the button. This has been happening lately. I have an idea for a complete picture, make the basic file and fulfill my idea in the studio. That’s what is supposed to happen. It took a long time to get there.

One more thing. One more nitpicky thing. Voila`. It sounds like walla. I keep seeing people write it as walla. People. Take some French lessons.

Colors of summer.


Feelings. Emotions. Senses.

As we all work through summer, I’ve tried to think about what makes a summer picture. Since almost every tree is green, there are few new blooms and we start heading into a visually boring season, how do I find summer?

Especially for my summer project?

In this case, I didn’t. I made summer. I layered two pictures. The obvious tree image was combined with a macro image of condensation on my window. That’s what gave this particular photograph the extra glow.

The picture looks and feels like something summery. It’s not real enough like the rest of the summer portfolio. I won’t include it.

But, it is a nice warm feeling picture. Since I pretty much created it, it’s my summer picture. Just not the right summer picture. I need to find some people doing something. Summer something.

Until then, enjoy this one.

In the early morning.

If you get up early and go outside.

You might be lucky enough to sunlight sparkle. To see shadows dance. To see nature glow. You might even be lucky enough to carry a camera. You might have the vision to see what is. To see what might be.

With luck, the beauty will find you. You’ll be amazed. You’ll stand in wonder.

You’ll decide to make a picture. You won’t work very hard. Because. The picture will take you. You’ll know that’s the one. There won’t be a discussion. It just shall be.


Like Asian art.

Gentle. Calming. Relaxing.

When I saw it, I knew. This was not about the original file. It was about what could be done with it. It was about my vision. My intent after I brought the image home.

To be clear, it wasn’t about heavy post production. It was about doing just enough studio work to bring forth what I saw in the scene. I saw it as something Asian. Maybe Japanese. Maybe Chinese. Makes sense. They borrowed from each other.

It was also about the color green. It’s said to be calming. We all could use a little calming.

These days have gotten completely out of hand. I try not to read much news. That’s one approach. But, that’s like turning down a fast flowing water spigot. It just keeps trickling out. My only alternative seems to be to shut it all down. But, I like baseball. In order to get to it, I have to wade through various news publications and websites.

Also, we are in the middle of hurricane season. I do need the storm alerts. The best storm information comes via Twitter. As much as I try to follow artists, musicians and local people, the news that I want to avoid seeps out.

I’ll figure it out. Eventually.

The picture. I pretty much discussed it at the start of this post. I saw it. My brain broke free of its rust and realized that there was something to this grassy shape.


In the wind.

Summer things.

This picture is not part of my summer collection. It does show a summery plant. Foxtails. They only catch my attention when the wind is blowing. That also makes them a little hard to photograph. Timing is everything. Hand – eye coordination is everything. Seeing what’s happening in the background matters too.

That said, this picture really and truly is the result of luck. Photographer’s luck. Don’t think I’m being overly modest. It takes years of practice. It takes the ability to see. It does take some hand – eye coordination. It takes some mechanical skill. Photographer’s luck is really just shorthand for all of that.

Which brings me to last Sunday’s mini-rant.

It started again on Facebook.

The author in question books are not selling well. She changed one cover in order to stimulate sales. Now, the cover and the content make no sense when paired together.

This thread lasted all afternoon and jumped to another thread, where she mislead the commenters by asking if indy books made a difference when they selected a book. That was never the question. I did say that for the most part I found many indy books poorly written and edited. I wouldn’t know that unless I started reading them.  I don’t judge books by the cover. Our moms taught as that when we were about five years old.

Rather than beat this horse to death and tell you about every reply in the thread, let me tell you that her last statement was the most telling. She said that she thought that authors who were paid advances and had all the marketing support a good publisher can offer, weren’t all that good. I wanted to reply, “Jealous much?” I didn’t. Instead, I posted this.

😂 😂 😂

There wasn’t anything more to say.