Frozen Again


Frozen food.


Now, I’m seeing pictures everywhere.

The ten best pictures of summer project is coming along nicely. Much to my surprise, so is the dumpster project. My book projects are in the phase of, “are we there yet?”

We were doing a little grocery shopping when I turned down the aisle in the frozen food section. I was able to retake a picture that I made a few years ago. That one was all ice cream. This one is all pizza. Boxes. Heat and eat.

When I made the original one I sort of hid was I was doing. Not this round. I took my time.  If somebody saw me and gave me a strange look, I didn’t care. Eventually, the man who was stocking the frozen cases asked what I was doing. I didn’t tell him. I showed him. He liked what he saw and told me that if anybody complained, he had my back.

How cool is that? Or is it, how frozen is that?”

I’m not sure if this is one of my summer series. It could be. If not, it’s colorful fun.

The picture. Arrrrrgh. WordPress has been messing with the color software again. The original version of this picture is far more colorful. More contrasty. It grabs you. I says, “look at me.” But, WordPress compressed my .jpeg into something muddy. I tried some of my usual editing tricks. Three times. To no avail.

You’d think that they would want contrasty imagery since so many pictures published on WordPress are that of writers, cooks and other folks who just want a picture to go with their story. Typically, those images are not properly exposed and are flat and muddy.  I’m not attacking those folks. It’s just not what they do or care about.

On the other hand, some of them make wonderful pictures.


The picture works well enough — a phrase I’ve come to hate. If it became part of my ten summer pictures project I would print it on paper. The color and contrast would be what I intended.



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