Mother Mary watch over this house.

“Sometimes the hardest part of taking a picture is getting there.”

For the abandoned railroad project, sometimes the hardest part of taking picture is finding the picture.

Four hours looking in two likely places yielded nothing. For the project. I did find a picture or two. For myself.

This is one of them.

I went to a neighborhood in Shrewsbury, which is a little area in Jefferson Parish. I’m not even sure how many people call it by its name. Or, even know its name.

I went to a street that is under the Causeway Boulevard crossover. There are train tracks there and maybe a community of a dozen houses or so. They are small. They are working class houses of maybe 100 years old or so. They are weather beaten. They are covered in grime from the trains that pass by and the dust that falls down from the bridge. They are mostly in constant shadow.


I found a little statue. Of The Blessed Virgin Mary. They are common in some neighborhoods. I didn’t expect to find one here. I did what I do. I made a picture. It’s a Catholic thing. It’s a New Orleans thing.