Water Project

Bubbling water.

It started by accident.

Accidental approaches are a way of life for me.


Remember, I wrote that I wanted to do a project about water. I bet you thought that I forgot. I didn’t. I was wrestling with photographing water as a photojournalistic story. Or, as a set of art pieces.

Because of my training and background, my first inclination was to look at water with a photojournalist’s eye. That started an internal fight. It went back and forth.


I was walking and saw water bubbling through a little man made stream. I photographed what I saw and I knew.


That’s where I’ve been headed. That’s what I should do.

But, wait.

There’s more.

I think that there are plenty of people photographing what it means to lose water. Or, to be overwhelmed by water, as we are near the Gulf. So, I thought that I would show the beauty of water. After all, it’s us. It’s our place. It’s the earth.

This is the picture that cleared my head.

In case you are wondering, I see this as a small portfolio of no more than twenty pictures. Twenty great pictures that will take a while to produce. And, will be printed very large. Like in measurements of feet rather than inches.

I guess I’d better start carrying a real camera with me. Even though I’m working with very clear intent, you just never know.


WordPress says that they removed spellcheck because it’s redundant to so many other systems and browsers. For those of us who actually write directly onto a WordPress page, that’s nonsense. WordPress is a closed environment. I can’t other  spell check from Google or any other browser.

I suppose they want us to cut and paste. Programmers have a way of making things more complicated. Mostly, they just don’t have enough to do.


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  1. Like New Orleans, much of Japan has a very complicated relationship with water. I suppose, as an “island nation” it is unavoidable. This photo would look beautiful enlarged and printed and mounted on real “photo paper.” Then again, I humbly say that most of your images would (unless smartphone shots, simply because you can’t print those out in the same way).

    I’ve noticed that WordPress periodically “un-follows” my favourite blogs. I don’t know why. So I must regularly check to see if I’m still subscribed or not. It’s a conspiracy… 🙂


    • I suspect if global weather change has its way we’ll both be underwater unless you live somewhere in the mountains.

      I run a lot of my smartphone pictures through processing software on my Mac. I’ve tested prints as big as about four feet wide and had them look good. The trick is in the uprezing and doing it in stages.

      WordPress is doing some “under the hood” tinkering. I lost about half my daily viewers overnight. They removed spellcheck, which for me, is essential.


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