On Easter Sunday.

On Easter Sunday.

A day about redemption. A day for reflection. For us, a quiet day.

Right now the world is in terrible shape.

Leaders want to be dictators. Leaders who lie. Small wars in many countries. Church burnings in my own home state. Church bombings today, Easter Sunday, that killed at least 220 people and hurt around 500 others in Sri Lanka. A mosque fire in the Middle East. Notre Dame burning in Paris. Scared people trying to escape death in their countries being turned away at our border. A general shift in immigrants from the Middle East to Europe. Bad water in Flint, Michigan. People in Puerto Rico still struggling from their last hurricane And, more. Much more.

Sheesh. I haven’t even included the mother of all issues. Climate change. How it already affects us. How it will affect us in the future.

There doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate on this Easter Sunday.

Yes. I know.

If you are Christian, you celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. After three days.Those must have been three, long tortuous days for his followers, believers and friends.

What does that mean for us, 2019 years later?

For me, it lies in my headline. In a small way. For sure, most of us can’t help directly with some of the bad things I mentioned above. I’m not going to Sri Lanka to help the people recover from a most despicable act. I can give some money to help them recover, but that seems to be sort of any easy way out.

In my country, at least,  I can support the political candidate of my choice and vote the wannabe dictator and his ilk out of office. That’s the right thing to do. And, it’s peaceful. It’s how my country was founded and is supposed to work.


Maybe more direct action is necessary. Help our neighbors when they need it. Help strangers when they need it. It can be anything. The smallest of things.

Today, I held a door open for a young woman who was carrying a couple of boxes. She controlled the boxes okay, but she couldn’t open the gate. She was so thankful when I opened and held for her to pass through. I’m not special. It was the very least that I could do. When did doing such a simple thing become so extraordinary? It shouldn’t be.

So that’s it.

My challenge. To me. You can do whatever you like. I’d like you to try it.

Do three things for someone else. Tasks that are so simple you normally wouldn’t even think about it. Do this daily. Do it one day at a time. Seems that I heard that somewhere. Don’t go chasing around looking for stuff, but when it occurs you should do it. Why three? I’ll tell you later.

If my belief that 1 + 1  = 3 is right, pretty sure we can change some things on a local level. Maybe, eventually, we can all climb out of our silos and talk to each other. Talk to people with whom we disagree, but are trying to understand. Maybe that leads to collaboration. That’s how things used to work. There is an old saying that if a negotiation was successful, everybody left the room pissed off. Fair enough.

Maybe, that leads to some kind of energy and bigger issues are solved.

I honestly don’t know. But, it’s worth a try on this day of redemption. On any day.

Peace. Happy Easter. Shalom. Happy Passover.