My third attempt.

I think I finally found the right path. A way to stack pictures. A way to show the energy of nature. The rebirth of spring. One of the best things that I know. It’s real. It’s powerful.

I’d like to add that we can’t harm it. But, we know better. We can. We do. We’d better change our ways.

We also can observe. Look. Document. Show others. Motivate others. Teach others. Remember that every moment is precious. A gift. To use wisely. Or, not at all.

Whatever we do. Do it well. Try to make our actions meaningful. Live in the moment they say. Fair enough. That thinking is thousands of years old. Know that. Acknowledge that. We didn’t think of it. Old masters did. Understand that. We are the last in a very long chain. Honor that. That’s hard. The best way that I know is to keep going.

The picture. It’s two pictures. One layered on top of another. I thought it told the story of the season. It did take a lot of work in post production. As I said, it’s my third attempt. I think I finally got it. It looks right. It feels right.

For those of you who want to know.

I did my normal post production on the first picture. I made sure not to let the color and contrast go crazy. When that felt about right, I dropped another version of the picture on top of that. I kept it slightly off-center, giving the finished work a little movement. I cropped, adjusted and finished the picture by softening and darkening the edges. A perfectly edge to edge sharp picture didn’t feel right. Softening the edges accidentally created depth.

Spring. Nature’s way of going forward.