Forever Young

A range of motion.

This wasn’t today’s picture. At least it’s not what I planned.

I thought that it was a little too bleak for a Sunday picture. I read a lot. Especially on Sunday morning when I have a little more time. I probably shouldn’t do that.

There was a story that appeared on Twitter with a link back to it. I know. I know. Twitter. It may be one of the meanest places on earth.

I followed the link.

What I found made me horribly sad. The story was about a ten-year old boy. A cute little guy. He had a butterfly bandage over his eye. His lips were swollen and cut up. He had been bullied in school.

That’s bad enough. What happened next was truly horrifying.

He killed himself by hanging.

Where does a ten-year old boy get the knowledge of how to hang himself? Sure. You might see it on the tube. But, you don’t see the technique.

A whole host of questions came to mind.

Where were his teachers? Where were his school caregivers? Where were his parents? How does this stuff happen?

I stopped reading Twitter. I stopped reading news stories for today.

We’ve got some errands to run. I’ll watch some baseball. Yankees baseball. Eventually, I’ll recover. For today. There’s always tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t get stopped in my tracks again.

The picture.

That’s why you came here. Even though we’ve had some glorious spring days, there are others that are cloudy and a little bleak. Today is one of those days. There is rain in the clouds. It’s about noon as I write, and the temperature is at its high of 49 degrees.  No wonder the dogs are lazy. They don’t want to go outside. But, because I publish every day, I have to make a picture. In this case, I made the original picture. Then I removed the color and made it black and white. I layered it over the original color image. And shifted it slightly. You are looking at the result. A bleak picture. One that suits my mood. Today.


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  1. It’s somehow comforting to know how affected you were by the horror of the story. I try to retain a sunny outlook but sometimes the weight of how humans can treat other humans is a heavy burden. We should never be immune to the sadness or suffering of others. Somehow, your tree pictures exudes sadness.

    In other news, it’s bleak here in southeast Texas, too, and we’re tired of it. But the orange tree is blossoming and promising sunshine will come, too.

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    • I don’t know what to really say. I look at our two and think how I’d feel… I’m not sure if I even like that picture but sometimes I illustrate things. Feelings and such. It’s really cold here for this time of year.


  2. Hello Mr. Ray,
    I hate to say, there are such tragedies here too – far more regularly than there should be. Like you, I try to not be overwhelmed with too much negative news, but it’s difficult to ignore it sometimes. All the more so, since everyone is connected (whether we wish for it or not – but that’s a long rant). I feel – at least where I live – we humans have lost the art of empathy. We “forget” what it’s like to be on the other end. And too many adults are no more “mature” than such bullies.

    I also feel the tree expresses sadness. As always I appreciate what you present to us through your images and writing. Wish you and your family a good week ahead.


    • I’m sure that there are. This one struck me as so senseless that it haunts me even today. We are all connected. There is a book character— now an — character that I love. He’s called Harry Bosch. He is a homicide detective. One of his famous quotes about way he works as hard on the killing of a street person as he does on that of a high society rich person is, “Either everybody matters or nobody matters.” That’s how I see things.

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  3. I feel like the tree is vibrating in a electrical sense…those tiny lines zig zag as though it is telling us something…things are changing here…ugly Alberta politics and ugly emotions towards our most vulnerable 😰 we’re in the beyond beige phase here dirty and dusty on the prairie…I’ll find a walk and feel the delicious sunshine 😎 sending you a handful of joy Ray have a snappy day ☺️


  4. I have had to at least try to stay away from such stories, because I honestly don’t know what to do with the pain. It seems hardly a day passes that we aren’t confronted with a story of a child losing their lives through abuse in some way. I think what is currently most difficult is that human suffering has always been with us, but I used to believe that people generally cared and wanted to contribute to a greater good. Even though I feel like most people are generally good and caring, the louder voices seem to be coming from sectors that really don’t seem to care about others. It’s very depressing.

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    • This story surprised me. I think we are in a transition from good to not so good. But, the not so good dominates all social media, which is one reason to stop using it. Even for me, where I sort of need the publicity, I can stop reading everything but the things that I enjoy. Photography, art, baseball, nusic. Maybe I’ll test that.


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