Spring Flowers

Tiny, little flowers.

Tiny flowers.

Some would call them weeds. But, what’s a weed? Isn’t it just something that pops up in nature without being planted by man? I think that most weeds are pretty. Some people call them wild flowers. That seems about right.

When I say tiny, I mean that. This little cluster is smaller than a quarter. A U.S. 25 cent coin. I just got close and worked the camera lens. To be honest, I did crop the sides but there wasn’t any necessary information. Cropping this way doesn’t mislead you. It just brings the subject in sharper focus.

That’s an important issue in any post production. Are you being honest? Or, are you misleading the reader? Usually, the pictures that run into trouble in the big photo contests are ones that are misleading. Even in small ways.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, what words do you want them speaking?

As usual, this picture was made on a dog walk. She saw them and lead me right to them. What would I do without her? I probably wouldn’t photograph nature. Or, at least, my version of it.

Leica tales.

Oh, this baby Leica is a Leica. It’s heavy. It’s extremely well-built and for the most part, well thought out. It has a touch screen that makes life very easy. Or, you can set the camera using very old school dials.

Its lens is sharp as it can be. The color rendition is very Leica. Just like in the old slide days, when you could pick out Leica produced slides without much thought, these files are instantly recognizable.

The down side?

The shoulder strap. The lugs on the camera are very heavy. That’s good. There are these little spring like things on the strap, itself. They are very light and hard to pull apart. They don’t fit into the lugs very easily. Not so good.

It took well over an hour’s struggle and finally digging through my dad’s old watch-making kit to find a tool that would work. It kept the metal coil separated wide enough to work its way through the lugs.

It’s good now. But, oh, it’s a Leica. And, all that it implies. Before you ask, I’ll answer. I would have used one of my older straps. They’ve been around for forty years. They’ve been used on Nikons, Canons, Sonys and even the odd Pentax body. Most camera lugs are interchangeable. But, not Leica.


Repeat after me. Even though it has a small body. Only one lens. And, costs less than top shelf Leicas. Oh, it’s a Leica.

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