Mardi Gras Wedding

A kiss. But, not the one. 

A big day.

The Mardi Gras Day wedding of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux and Golden Eagle Queen Chellene Bailey.

It was glorious. It was colorful. It was magical.

It was also cold.

I’m not sure what more I can add to the pictures. They are what I saw. They are about the joy in the moment.


A little housekeeping. Sometimes your best picture is not your sharpest picture. Sometimes it isn’t even the defining moment. This is not “The Kiss.” It is simply a greeting. But, I think it’s pretty wonderful. You should see it. So should they. You are. They will.

I made enough good images that I’ve split the day’s take into two little portfolios. You’ll see the rest of the pictures tomorrow. I’ll wrap up Mardi Gras on Saturday. When the clock springs ahead early Sunday morning, so will the subject matter.

How’s that?


The happy couple.


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    • Suits. Always suits. I’ve watched new comers talk to Indians on Super Sunday. They call them costumes and they never hear the end of it. 😝 the basic components are the head dress, apron and leggings.

      It takes each Indian a year to make them in secret. They weigh about 125 pounds. There is about $7,000 invested in each suit. They make a new suit every year which is unveiled on Mardi Gras, or Super Sunday. Most Indians have no place to store them. The suits have no value according to the copyright office, so unless a museum or something like that wants them, the suits are burned after the new one is made.


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