Getting ready for the big ride.

I had other plans.

This wasn’t the picture that I was going to publish today. I had something grander planned. But, Apple came along and did it’s thing again sometime early in the morning. Not only did those bastards download stuff that I didn’t ask for, but they changed every setting. It took a good hour to get back to where I was yesterday when I put the computer to sleep. They are determined to make me use that weak Safari instead of Google as a search platform. They went so far as to shut down Google. Improperly, I might add, so that it took forever to reboot.


I’ve complained and complained and complained. You know how that goes. Usually, you can’t even find any contact information. So, it seems that my only choice is to seek injunctive relief. Unlike so many people, I have a contracts attorney just waiting… A Texas attorney, and all that it implies. I don’t care about a settlement. I want this to be so public that it scares the other members of the big four. Apple. Microsoft. Amazon. Facebook.

When I, like most of you, subscribed to any of their services we did it for what they could do for us. It seems that they are trying to turn the tables. They want us to bend to their wills. I can tell you, it ain’t happening.

One of the best things about getting old is that we won’t take BS from anybody. I don’t care if those four companies are worth trillions of dollars. They ain’t the boss of me.

Then, there’s WordPress. They aren’t bullies. They just don’t like pictures very much. They drive bloggers towards free picture sites. They make great templates for writers. For photographers, not so much. I really dislike my blog design now. I want you to see a lot of pictures without a lot of clutter. It’s cluttered. I can’t even find some of the things I need. Worse, for somebody who lives on visuals, their compression ratio is terrible. When I make a finished photo file, it’s done. Leave it alone. I’ll forget more about color reproduction than any millennial coder will ever know. This picture had good contrast. The woman had shape to her cheeks. The reds were red. The picture looked good.

Oh no.

WordPress’ compression software squeezed the image to death. It removed the contrast. It toned everything back. In case you are wondering, this is something new. It’s only been happening in the last few weeks. Let me remind you, I pay for the pleasure of this. All of this.

I’m slowly going to move my best blog work to I encourage you to follow me there. Eventually, probably when my yearly charges are due, I’ll sort of drift away from WordPress. After all, I want what I want. Especially, if I’m paying for it.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by today? I’d apologize for a seemingly never-ending rant, but I’m not sorry. I’m fed up.

The picture. I’m disappointed at its technical look. I’d change it if I had all day to fiddle with this stuff. The woman in the picture is getting ready to ride in a parade. When you work outside sometimes there is no place to get ready. You do what you can. She did. I just photographed her. She posed. I suggested she just do what she needed to do. She liked that better. Time was running short.

One more thing. I never threaten legal action. I just do it. I suppose this time, I’m wondering if I can turn this into a class action suit. That means more than an individual action.


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  1. I really enjoy your pictures of any location or subject, but I as a resident of the southeast I especially love the NOLA pics. I want to follow but I don’t see a way on the page to do that. (I’m not very techy). So if there’s a way besides keeping track of the url, let me know.

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    • It does. It’s an attempt to put us all in boxes. Boxes that they can control. I have to add a floow button and then you’ll be good. I thought I did that, but the have a two step process which I likely didn’t complete.

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  2. I’m just now in my personal computer (Mac) and have noticed unwelcome changes, too. Different backgrounds, WordPress won’t scroll in Chrome, little but very annoying things.

    I’m also looking at both sites and will follow you over to the other one when you leave WP.

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    • I’m not going to leave WordPress for about 10 months. Mine is paid and I just renewed for a year. The other site is very cool. There are some tricks to adding things. For instance, as you may have read in comments that I thought I added a follow button to my new site. It’s a two step process. I forgot to do half of it.

      There’s another issue that may be happening at the same time that Apple does it’s 2am upgrades. If you use Adobe products like Lightroom and Photoshop they also have auto-upgrades. It turns out that they let in malware. It’s a known issue. I ripped it all out by going into my application folder in the hard drive (not in my user file) and deleting anything that starts with Mac or something like it. Apple doesn’t use Mac. They use Apple. You are more computer savvy than I am, but don’t use any software that claims to be designed to do that for you. It turns out that they help you be injecting their own version of ransomware.


  3. Hi Ray! You must have been photographing the Dames de Perlage! I recognize one of our Dames in her costume as the elephant for our 2019 theme, “They All Ask’d for You” at the Audubon Zoo. Thanks for a great image.

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