Dogs. Dawgs. Dogz… People

Are you taking my picture?

Krewe of Barkus.

Masking dogs. Masking people. I remember when only the dogs masked. Their people just came along for the ride. Not so much. Anymore. Even people who do not have a dog walking in the Mardi Gras parade come masked. And, anonymous.

I’ve been using all of the first week Mardi Gras to just make pictures. I haven’t been photographing it as an event. I will later this week. The first few days were to make pictures. Pure and simple. I’ve had a great time doing that.

Except for one thing. I tried to pick something up on my right side. On the ground. I know better. Next thing you know, I was on the ground. I fell in slow motion. In sort of a corkscrew. Protecting my gear. Luckily, there were two of New Orleans’ finest standing three feet away. They helped me up, asked if I needed an EMT and sat with me for a few minutes. I wasn’t hurt. I was embarrassed. I know not to put that kind of downward pressure on my right hip.

Oh well. That didn’t stop me from working. I just wished that I wore a mask.

The pictures. See them, press the button.Make sure that you’ve set everything in the camera the way that you’d like. There’s a lot of post production to do if you don’t. Almost no post production was needed on these ten pictures.

I have two days off before the run up to Mardi Gras Day begins. I’d better use them wisely. You too.

Butterfly dog.


All in white.
Pretty cocker spaniel.


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  1. Butterfly Dog has stolen my heart!

    And to you…Ouch! Both to hip and pride. I’ve had so many tumbles in public my granddaughters now point out any perceived cracks in the sidewalk. 😦

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    • I like the cocker, but well, you know. πŸ™‚ I don’t usually fall. I’ve still got that going for me. I just know not to pick up something lying flat on the replaced hip side. I usually turn around so my other hipp is the lead hip. Not this time…


  2. Falling is rotten! I hope you’re ok with no residual impact. I know the feeling…(the embarrassing part, not the bad hip part)…we went on a walking tour to visit St. Louis Cemetery #1 the last time we were in NOLA and I tripped in the first three minutes, scraping my knees and the sidewalk and shocking the other tourists. I know they assumed I’d had a Hurricane (I hadn’t). But I saved the camera!

    I really like the posts where you publish multiple pictures that you took while on the go, because I can learn from their composition.

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    • I’m fine. It really was silliness on my part. I know to use a golf pick up move, which means plant my left foot and rise my right which is the one that has the metal hip. Instead, I just reversed it. I knew I did it when I did it. There were two of NOLA’s finest standing there. They were more worried about me than we were. It cost one of us a selfie with the cops. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for that. I’ll tell you the secret to taking pictures on the run. Get yourself into a zone. You can talk with people, but don’t think. Just work. Hard to do. I have a whole bunch of routines that I do to get to that place. The composition comes naturally in those moments. Sort of like the zen of archery. A student comes to a Buddhist monk and wants to learn archery. He tries for ten years. He thinks that he’ll never be any good. So, he thinks “the heck with it, ” pulls an arrow from his quiver and shoots it without thinking. Bullseye. He does it again.

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