Gone to seed. Or, something like that.

A brand new day.

I read something that said if you wake up and put your feet on the floor, half the battle is won.

Think about that.

If everyday starts the same and you do those two things, you have a brand new slate. A tabla rasa. You can fill your day with whatever you want. You can also react to whatever happens in any manner that you chose.

My day started out great. I made this picture. That’s right. At the time of publication this picture is three hours old.

The day shifted. Apparently overnight, Apple installed an upgrade. That’s fine, except I turned the auto function off. Months ago. But, a few days ago, they downloaded an upgrade to their latest operating system. They turned the auto function on. To make matters worse, they insist on turning on their browser, Safari. I’ve tested Safari. It’s limp. It isn’t as robust as Google Chrome or even Firefox.

It pops up and collides with just about everything else. Chrome freezes. Everything slows down. Even typing a sentence gives you the spinning wheel of death.


I rebooted the computer. Twice. It seems fine now. But, rebooting an Apple computer takes time. You must be patient or you’ll collide with the reboot. In the past, I would have grumbled. I would have gotten angry.

Not today.

I’ve been working my yearly word. Remember? Learn.

Apparently, I did learn. Instead of grumbling, cursing and wanting to threaten Apple for their paranoid nonsense, I walked a way.

I read my mail. I paid a few bills via my phone. My newish Android phone. Yes, there is a method to my madness.

For the next reboot, I did something even better.

I went to lunch.

I’m a little late for my self-imposed deadline of noon, my time. But, I feel great. And, by being gone for a longer time than normal, I gave the computer a little time to settle down. It seems to feel great as well.


The picture. I saw it on a walk. I did all of my usual development and post production and took a long look at it. I turned it on its side. And, flipped it from left to right. I think it works. My work added some shape and movement.

One more thing.

I’ve started usingĀ  National Geographic’s “Your Shot” website. It’s pretty cool. It gives me a chance to reach another new audience. I uploaded a picture and shared it. Sheesh. The response was overwhelming. I think it gives me a way to separate my various genres to different audiences. On Storyteller, y’all seem to like my more artistic works. Pictures like today’s post. On NGS, it appears they like my cultural documentation. Cool. Everybody gets what they like.

But, never put Ray in a box. You’ll see my cultural work as well. Just not so much of it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s other marketing moves on the horizon. Stay tuned.