Another view of Japonica blooms. 

I posted another version of this tree last month.

Last month was yesterday. I didn’t post it yesterday. I posted it a week or so ago. Last month.

That’s my topic. That’s what I’ve been thinking about.

Calendar pages flipping.

What does that mean? What doesn’t it mean? For me, aside from business and credit cycles, they don’t mean much. Of course, they mean seasonal changes. But, they don’t change me.

We make a very big deal about the new year. We make resolutions. We try to drive our businesses harder. We try to change ourselves.

Why wait for a new year to do those things? Or, a new month? I would humbly suggest that you change those kinds of things when you notice they need changing. If you are in poor physical shape, take action when you notice that. If your business had a bad month make the required course corrections. Whatever needs doing, you should do it.

This post was created in response to a number of posts, comments and tweets. People where talking about how bad January was for them. They expected good things after New Year 2019. Good things didn’t happen. In some cases, bad things happened.

People got sick. People lost their jobs — especially if they are journalists. People had dreams that didn’t come true.

I didn’t reply to any of that.

I realized that it would make a good post here, on Storyteller.

Here’s what I think. You can’t control illness anymore than you can control nature. Dreams take hard work to come true. Most of the people whose comments I read were just waiting for them to come true.

Journalism. It is true that digital companies like HuffPost laid off a lot of people. Same thing with Buzzfeed. That makes me nervous. Those are the kinds of companies that should succeed today. Obviously, their owners wanted a better financial return. Good journalism costs money.

A number of my friends got laid off from traditional newspapers. You know, the ones made out of real paper. I like these folks. But, what did they think was going to happen?

That side of the of the news business has been dying for years. You can’t hang on forever. Talented or not.

What really amazed me where the comments made in reply to their posts. Friends were offended for the loss of good journalists. Or, good photographers. Whatever. They said things like your newspaper doesn’t know what they are missing. Or, Let’s boycott XYZ  newspaper.

Like that’ll help.

The world is changing. Technology is running rampant. Some for the better. Some for the worse. Realize that. Accept that. Use it. Drive your career with that knowledge. For that matter, run your life with that knowledge.

Think about it.

WordPress claims about 90,000,000 blogs or websites. We do all of this self publishing online. We couldn’t do that 25 years ago. Sheesh. Doing it 20 years ago took real online publishing skills. Now? Not so much.

What do U.S. Marines say? ” Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.”

Do that.

Forget the calendar. Change as you need to. When you need to. What you need to.

Happy weekend.