Into the night.

The space in between.

That’s where the good stuff happens. That’s where we fill in the blanks. That’s where we make our own little mysteries.

I made this picture the other night. I did developing and post production last night.

We were watching a video about a deep dive to find a sunken Roman ship. Apparently, the man who lost the ship was collecting art from all over his world. And, from as many eras as he had available to him. The ship sunk as it was returning back to Italy. It was brought down by either a huge storm or a giant monster. You can pick. I like the later.

The show was really inspiring to me.

I worked on this picture for much longer than normal. I’m like that. Something inspires me and drives me to better art.

I suppose that I should watch as many videos as I can while I’m working. No. I’m not talking about movies like, “National Treasure,” although we’ve watched it, I don’t know how many times. It’s fun. It’s imaginative. But, it’s sort of a cartoon.

I can read about this subject matter, but I need to see the visuals.

With all these projects coming up, I first do the research about what I know, but that need confirmation. Then, I look for the places that I’m going to on Google Planet. I rarely look at images. I don’t want to find myself looking for “tripod holes.” You know what I mean. I don’t want to make the same picture as the next guy. I want to try — at least — to make my own picture.

There’s a lot of misinformation about learning photography all over the internet. One is a variation of “fake it until you make it.” The original author suggested that a brand new photographer find pictures that he or she likes in print or online and copy them in the field.


Why ever would anybody do that? Sure, find the location. Even take the exact picture because you have to get it out of your system. Then, make your own picture.

Notice the choice of words? Take v make. That’s intentional.

That applies to those of you who really don’t think of yourselves as photographers but enjoy taking pictures when you are out and about, or on vacation. Make a picture because you like what you saw, not because you think you should.

That could bring to the next internet fallacy. “If you don’t have a picture, you weren’t really there.” Huh? Huh? And, double huh?

My best memories are in my mind. My heart. My soul.

Besides if you extend this bit of nonsense out, you could say that since I rarely take a picture in a grocery store, I was never there. Yet, my full cart of groceries says otherwise. So does my AMEX card bill.

This picture. Yep. It’s the real deal. I made it at night at the end of a dog walk. My hip was hurting so I sat on a bench. The dog who sees things sat down beside me.

I looked up and saw the scene you are looking at. Of course that new smart phone is too smart and opened up the exposure way too much even though I was using the “Pro” screen which allows me to adjust shutter speed and apertureĀ settings.

Yes, there is a bit of post production, mostly just to bring the picture back to how I saw it.

That’s my story today. You know the rest.