Beefed Up Security

Special security in Mid City.

I saw this little guy while I was meeting friends for lunch.

This little carving may be the best possible security in New Orleans.  Better than the NOPD. Better than the guys in jeeps and drink coffee in my neighborhood. Would you try to break into this house with this guy sitting there? Lord knows what’s waiting for you once you get in.

Now that I’m back, I’ve been reading blogs.

I get so confused.

There seems to be a trend in picking a word for the year. I guess this is supposed to replace resolutions. If a word is going to be your mantra, why don’t you just read some Buddhism? You don’t have to change your religion to do it. You’ll learn a lot. About the world. About yourself. You might even understand your dog a little better.

Then, there’s some kind of concert going on at one blogger’s site. I’ve never understood the rules, of which there are too many. The last time that I tried to play, I apparently didn’t know the correct title to a song. The person who wrote it was sitting next to me at the time. Her comment was something along the lines of that’s how I introduce it on stage. Now, people are picking their favorite Beatles songs. Yes, “Day in the Life” is one song written separately by two musicians. They combined the lyrics during rehearsals. Anybody who claims them as their favorite band knows that.

Sheesh folks.

We all want 2019 to be much better, much more positive than 2018. Lighten up. Have some fun. Grow beyond one word. Stop making rules up for something that should fun. If you like something, go do it. If you want to grow, go do that. Otherwise, 2019 is going to be a giant let down. It’s gonna be rough in the political world. Imagine, calling out a brand new Congresswoman over dancing that she did in college. Her reply was wonderful. She walked out of her new office and danced.

Go dance.


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  1. I saw some article referring to the BU student/congresswoman dancing, and thought (A) she was pretty hot when she was dancing, and (B) where, exactly, was the argument that dancing was some kind of moral flaw that disqualified someone from public service? I can’t imagine one, and haven’t heard one, but that seemed to be the subtext. No one could accuse her dancing of being lewd (I mean, it was all _Breakfast Club_ inspired dancing), so the possibility of a public-decency argument is out the window.

    I don’t get the culture wars. There are so many real moral concerns that we should have about so many things, but as soon as the culture warriors on the left or the right get involved in anything, they make it impossible for people to have an opinion that isn’t just a declaration of taking sides with two very stupid positions. It destroys the possibility of intelligent conversation — or judgment.

    Anyway. Happy New Year!


      • Yes, was there for Christmas and New Year. Times passed too quickly. Well, not too quickly, it’s time, after all. Hope to visit your beautiful country again very soon (yes, despite all kinds of politics … everywhere the same, so no reason to have any prejudices of whatever kind anymore, we’re all the same everywhere, and each individual just chooses its way – therein lays our power, doesn’t it? So we point out for beauty and love, stubbornly, in some way, because only kindness of heart can really show the way out of this dark times … ohhhh, now the philosopher in me took over, so enjoy the fact that also you’re in my world somehow, as a companion for human passion and love for the world!

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      • I’m glad that you enjoy it here. You seem to be focused on the west. Since I think you’ll becoming more than a few times, don’t forget to check out other regions. The country is very different — both the scenery and the people.

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      • I am only focused on the west because my friend lives there (and yes, the landscapes correspond to my soul). But I am interested in other regions (and their people) too. At least I’ve been to New York City too, loved it. New Orleans – and other places – are in my mind …


  2. As I mentioned, you always keep me honest and make me think. Part of why I pick a word for the year is because I have a wild spirit that wants to do it all and then poop out midstream. Let me start with one concept and I’ll build from there.
    Hopefully, I’m smart enough to know that life is bigger than the words we read or write – and that dancing is necessary.
    Great post, Ray! No running shoes required 😜

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    • I don’t know about me. I’m just a guy. Even though I know you only online, I kind of know that about you. You are mutli-talented and focusing (no pun intended) can be hard. For me, I’ve been doing one day at a time for almost 27 years, so that keeps me on track. But, your words make sense, so I joined in. Learning is my word.

      I don’t know how great my post was. The music guy didn’t like it.

      If only I could still run. Oh well.

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