A well deserved break.

Santa Claus came to town.

He needed a break after a very long Christmas Eve when he zipped and zoomed all over the world delivering Christmas presents to all the good girls, boys and anybody else who believes.

2019. We are here now. We are hoping for a better year than the one that came before. With that in mind, I had two choices. Another “best of” collection. This one assembled from my posts on Instagram by some sort of AI software. Or, posting a new picture.

A look back. I want to look forward.

So, I selected my second option. Santa drinking a beer while he was watching a second line in Central City. You can tell that he’s relaxing because he’s doing something a lot of men of a certain age do when they aren’t working. He’s wearing a tropical shirt rather than a suit and tie.

Notice that phrase. “A lot of men…” I don’t wear a suit and tie often. I have a hobby job. At least that’s what a Chinese friend of mine calls it. That’s sort of a literal translation from Mandarin. It really means that I have a job that I love so much I pour endless hours into doing it. I can put all of my passion into it. I like getting up in the morning. Because, my job is like a hobby to me.

That’s why even though I’ve retired from the day-to-day running of my business — at least that’s what the U.S. government thinks — I’ll never really retire from my art. I like what I do. So, why would I retire?

I’ll be 85 years old and still hobbling along, photographing New Orleans culture. Maybe I’ll need one of those little powered scooters. I’ll soup it up so that it goes faster. I’ll get a big, loud horn. I’ll outrun second lines and make my pictures because I will have scared everybody out of the way.

I can see it now.

Of course, many of the band and social club members will also be 85 years old. I can see it now. Dueling scooters. How fun will that be?

You can see how my New Years day off is going. Fun. Lots of fun.

Happy New Year.

More new pictures tomorrow.