Cold winter light.

This was going to be a Christmas post. And, post about how pictures are everywhere.

The picture is about just that. We went to visit some friends. A Christmas visit. I walked out through a gate and saw this picture. I made it without thinking twice. I did some work in post production and here we are.

The end.

Of that.

The real post is about sticking to your truths. By now I’m sure that you are all aware of how Facebook sold or shared our personal data with all sorts of companies. A couple of them even had the ability to read our private messages and delete them. The main three said that they never used that function. If you believe that, I got a bridge for you. This has become a major issue. A reason for government regulation. You know how hard it is for me to say that.

I read a New York Times columnist called Charles Blow. He’s a fellow Louisianan. He is usually very good. He says what a lot of other journalists won’t. He wrote a column about Facebook just excoriating it. All good so far.

Then, he said that he still posts his column there. He never reads the comments and he doesn’t care one iota about it. He tweeted about this.


What’s the point? He already has a fine career. Not only does he work for the New York Times, but he’s the author of at least one best-selling book and is a pretty in-demand speaker. He’s not furthering his career on Facebook.

The replies on Twitter were damning. Most people said that he was self-serving. I suggested he should take up a new career in politics. To my way of thinking he is slicing and dicing too finely. In short, one of my favorite columnists has become a hypocrite.

I’m really wondering if this has become a thing. I use Facebook to further my career too. I also use it to keep in touch with long-lost friends. I’m also considering leaving Facebook for the same reasons I just wrote about. I haven’t come to that decision yet. If I leave I’m not coming back. And, I’m not making qualifying statements about lukewarm participation. I have to do what’s right and follow it through. At least, for me.

Make no mistake. I’m not suggesting that any of you do anything. That’s your call. I am suggesting that whatever you decide to do, stick with it. At least until things change. Really change.

Merry Christmas.